Tuktilar It was also my first book in this genre. Open Preview See a Problem? Payce struggles with his jaguar form and touch our heart. A very nice read! May 12, Christina rated it really liked it.

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To my husband, I wish your health problems were so easily solved. Chapter One James Everett woke up and made the mistake of moving. Pain ripped through his body like burning brands. Gasping, he blinked back tears while trying to keep still.

By now he should know better than to try any motion first thing in the morning. His Rheumatoid Arthritis made waking every morning a new definition of agony. Only the medicine his father cooked up in his lab relieved the pain. He grabbed his bottle of medication, wincing as the pills made a light rattling noise inside the container.

Shit, he was almost out. A man that fanatical had to be wrong. To learn more about the creatures his father branded as evil and James had always found so fascinating, especially the lions. The lion pride kept him here. Not only because of the gorgeous alpha—it was very clear Talan was devoted to his little wolf—but because something about the lions called to him.

Watching the alpha and his mate made James long for a relationship of his own, but who would want a skinny guy on heavy pain medication?

Or when touching caused screams of agony, instead of moans of pleasure. Yeah, he was a real catch. Slowly he rotated his wrists, easing the joints into their assigned roles of moving through the day.

Next his fingers got attention as he stretched his hands, listening to the sickening popping noises they made as he flexed each digit. Curling his toes he listened for the crackles before rotating his ankles. Hell, with all the crackling, snapping and popping he was his own breakfast cereal.

Eventually, his familiar routine paid off and his aching joints loosened enough to sit up. A cry of pain tore from his chest as he shifted positions. He quickly stifled further sounds. In a moment of whimsy he once told his father it was probably the phases of the moon causing the flare ups.

Looking around his small apartment James felt depression descend again—not for the size of the apartment, but for its solitude. He could afford a bigger place. His trust fund was large enough. She was a sweet Labrador shifter and though she said he smelt off, once he assured her the scent was medication, not inherent evil, she happily rented him the place.

James tried to save as much money as possible since his constant pain made it impossible to hold down a steady job and he had no idea how long his trust fund would need to stretch. Currently he taught classes online which finally let him find a use for his expensive college education. Sliding into his ergonomic leather desk chair, James popped his pills and booted up his laptop while waiting for the drugs to take effect. He sometimes took extra medication on really bad days, but he hated how loopy the drugs made him feel.

His cheeks burned whenever he thought of the sexy bear shifter. After all, what did he have to offer such a strong, fit manly man? Some days he could barely make it across the room without screaming. Sighing over the hopelessness of his infatuation, James logged into the college website and answered several emails from his students.

His slow two-fingered typing took forever, but eventually he got through them all. After he finished working he checked his personal email account. With strong resolve he closed his email and shut down the computer.

He would deal with his father tomorrow. He had no idea how to explain to his shifter-phobic parent about moving to a town almost completely populated by shape shifters. He smells wonderful. The pain the other man suffered carved deep lines on either side of his mouth and the slow methodical way he moved made Lou wince with sympathy and wish he could comfort the stoic human.

The only thing I wonder about is why he fights it. He wants you so bad even Blaire commented on how he looks at you. He kept that opinion to himself. Oh, look who the cat dragged in. He watched in amusement as Kelly whisked a protesting James to his booth. The young man looked flustered as he leaned on his cane. Lou frowned at it. James gave a slow shake of the head.

You mind if I join you? Apparently you have the only available seat. Please sit. He bit his lower lip to hide his pleased smile. The human looked to be suffering from excruciating pain, but he made no sound or bid for pity as he sat and turned to the waitress. James gave a soft laugh as he spied the multiple plates of food sitting before Lou. Worry riddled his chest like a physical ache. He took a deep sniff. He went silent as Kelly returned, placing a muffin and a mug of coffee on the table before James.

He had the odd feeling if he turned his head, James would vanish. James carefully lifted his cup with both hands and took a sip before speaking. James shrugged. If he could pinpoint the reason maybe he could get rid of his fascination. Lou swallowed the growl his bear urged him to make. He refocused when James spoke again. Instead he asked the question preying on his mind since James came into town. With the moon close to full he had more energy than he knew what to do with.

He wished he could pass some of his excess energy to James. A phone rang close by. James reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a small cell phone. When he looked at the display he paled. Before Lou could protest, James threw some money on the table and left. Bewildered, he watched the human hobble out of the diner.

Someone upset his man. A low growl built in his chest. It took him a moment to pull back his bear in order to calm enough to answer. James looked about six feet tall but was extremely thin due to his poor health. Lou could snap him like a toothpick. If anything he became calmer when he saw Lou.

Intrigued, he watched James through the diner window talking into his phone. Concerned, Lou threw money on the table and left the restaurant. No one should upset the sweet man who obviously had enough problems of his own. By the time he reached James the other man had shoved the phone back into his pocket. Fury poured off him like a physical force. Confusion filled Lou. He had never met a non-shifter who could project his anger like a field of energy before.

He looked around, seeking its source. The sidewalks were clear. No sign of members of the pride. That the human smelt like a lion and his eyes flashed shifter gold? James would think he was crazy.

Already he watched Lou as if he were a little unhinged. Talan would know what to do. The easy-going lion was a solid friend. The man drove him insane. James turned at the sound. A slow smile crossed James face. What kind of bear are you?


A Prideless Man (2011)

To my husband, I wish your health problems were so easily solved. Chapter One James Everett woke up and made the mistake of moving. Pain ripped through his body like burning brands. Gasping, he blinked back tears while trying to keep still. By now he should know better than to try any motion first thing in the morning. His Rheumatoid Arthritis made waking every morning a new definition of agony.



Now his father is shifter hater, gives him pills for his "Arthritis" which is unique and all. What, he never went to a doctor? Sure parents are the best doctors. No need for specialists. No need for a second opinion either.



Meztilmaran It is pride that makes a man hold his head high in a world that is determined to beat him to the ground and keep him there. Cause i want for sure to become deadlier but i dont want to fuck up one of the best things i have on my life…my natural ability and agility with my hands at playing music. To ask other readers questions about A Prideless Manplease sign up. The plot was well thought out; the story flowed well and will keep you reading all the way through. Dec 20, Karel rated it it was ok. Supernatural Mates 8 books. But that is complete bullshit.

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