The single focus and purpose of the tradition is to achieve liberation, which Trika Shaivism explains is the recognition that reality is just One. Like a light that pours forth, illumines, and pervades everything, the light of Consciousness creates all infinite manifestations. What we experience in our daily lives, in every moment, is part of that immense Consciousness. The teachings and practices of the Trika tradition have, at their core, the singular intention to remove all limitations in order to help people achieve liberation quickly.

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Please also see our Readers Guide to Kalachakra This extraordinary book clearly outlines and discusses the methods for transforming both body and mind through the highest forms of tantric practice.

Highest Yoga Tantra is the pinnacle of tantric systems found in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Part One discusses the practices common to sutra and tantra. Part Two presents the generation stage of Highest Yoga Tantra. Part Three covers the entirety of the completion stage yogas i. Part Four compares the Kalachakra and Guhyasamaja stages of completion. Remarkable for its definitive clarity, this exposition of the stages of Highest Yoga Tantra is the first of its kind in the English language and a must for anyone interested in these highest tantras.

It captures both the essence and detail that bring these esoteric topics to life. A special section comparing the completion stage in the Kalachakra to that of Guhyasamaja will be especially informative and helpful for the aspiring student and practitioner. Highly recommended for anyone interested in learning more about or personally experiencing the highest tantras.



Get initiated into the traditional and powerful practices of Classical Tantra through an authentic Tantrik Master. In these 10 days participant will take part in: Constructing a yantra Empowering a yantra with mantra Mantra Initiation and use Taking part in yagna tantric fire ceremony Purification of the physical and energetic body with sacred herbs and mantras Mantra Japa Meditation sessions daily Tantra Philosophy Classes Tantra Yoga Classes An assessment and purification of your energy system by Guruji This program is a Yoga Alliance registered Continuing Education program AYCEP , upon completion of this Intensive Retreat, a certificate will be given. Because of this, he belongs to different paths, beliefs, and sampradayas. Bhairav is a wacky, fun-loving, and rather humouristic yogi-- […] Artemis Emily Doyle Artemis Emily Doyle is a goof and dog-mother of two Karelian bear dogs. She walks through the world heart first. Artemis has been practicing yoga and meditation for over a decade. Her practice grows with her beyond the mat and beautifully flowers in her teachings and sharings.


10 days with a Tantrik Master

Overview Given by Alak Zenkar Rinpoche [2] Entry Point The initial point of entry to the path of secret mantra vajrayana is ripening empowerment , so here one receives the water empowerment, which establishes the potential for ripening into the dharmakaya , and the crown empowerment, which establishes the potential for ripening into the rupakaya. Then one keeps the general samayas of the kriya yoga as they are explained in the particular texts themselves. View In terms of determining the view, the basis of the path, one realizes that the ground of purification, the nature of mind itself, is the wisdom of empty clarity, and is ultimately beyond all extremes of elaboration, such as existing, not existing, appearing or being empty. Then one views the aspects of relative appearance, which are what must be purified, as the characteristics of the completely pure deity.


Highest Yoga Tantra



Kriya Tantra


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