This program help me solve all the problem for my printer. I Love all of you developers! The waste ink pads were "used up" after just a little use. Your reset software and the manuals for this series of printers.

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Ditaxe Status indicators Refer to the table below for the Today screen icon status indicators. Should you have any questions or comments regarding this matter, please have my best attention. Using The Input Panel Using the Input Panel When you start an application or select a field that requires text, symbols, or numbers, the Input Panel icon appears on the menu bar.

Picture Quality This option provides three picture quality presets: ActiveSync asjs in progress. Asus P User Manual pages A pop-up callout appears to display the connection status. Using the Transcriber Transcriber is a handwriting recognition program that allows you to write in cursive, print, or mixed styles. Adus only an ASUS qualified battery for this device. In camera preview mode, mannual for video mode.

Screen Orientation Screen orientation You can set the screen to three different orientations: Key in the e-mail address and password, then tap Sign In. Effect The Effect option allows you to apply some effects to the subject.

Appears when you set alarm Pocket MSN service notification. Page 23 Status indicators Icon Description New voice mail. Connect the AC adapter plug to the system connector at the bottom of the device.

Pocket MSN chat is online. Got it, continue to print. Using phone Like a standard cellular phone, you can use your P to make and receive calls. Insert the SIM card with its gold contacts facing down and the notched corner oriented to the upper left corner of the slot as shown.

Tap Save to save the information to Contacts then on the confirmation screen. Follow onscreen instructions to align screen and set the local time zone. This involves tapping in the center of targets that appear in various coordinates on the screen.

Table of Contents Add to mznual manuals Add. Start Menu Start menu The Start menu contains various programs and applications that you commonly use. The songs or sounds that you added as ring tone appears on this list along with the default ring tones that came with the device.

Starting Up Starting up Powering your device Make sure that your P is fully-charged before starting the device for the first time. Advanced This option allows you to set the following: Camera mode screen The following describes the screen icons in Camera mode: If you wish to synchronize your device with Exchange Server through your company or service provider, obtain the name of the Exchange Server, user name, password, and domain name from your network administrator before starting the Sync Setup Wizard.

Password The Password tab allows you to change the password and password type. Page 7 Ashs information Tap Menu from the camera screen. Camera options nanual menu Using the Letter Recognizer With the Letter Recognizer you can write individual letters, numbers, or special characters, which are converted into manuxl text.

Video Size Allows you to set the frame size of video. Related Posts


Asus P525 User Manual

Step 3 Confirm the order. We are in business since and do our best to give our customers perfect service! Anonymous I just used this utility on an Epson XP Worked like magic. First the trial version,this brought my printer back to life immediately.



The widespread use of the GSM standard has made it easy for most mobile phone users to use their phones overseas thanks to roaming agreements between operators using the same GSM standard. The first GSM network went live in in Finland. GSM introduced the concept of the SIM card Subscriber Identity Module card - a detachable smart card that lets users swap their phone number and contacts between handset. Transfer speeds are roughly the same as traditional parallel ports. The industry group that created the IrDA technical standard. Infrared connectivity is an old wireless technology used to connect two electronic devices. It uses a beam of infrared light to transmit information and so requires direct line of sight and operates only at close range.


ASUS P525 User Manual



Asus P505 Service Manual


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