Axiocam Family Camera Technology from ZEISS In contrast to digital cameras for photography or industrial inspection, many aspects of the microscope cameras are optimized to meet specific requirements of applications in science, research and documentation. As each application has very specific requirements, there is a wide range of different digital camera models to choose from. Different pixel sizes, for example, regulate camera sensitivity and spatial resolution. Lower pixel count enables higher frame rates and larger sensors offer better coverage of the field of view.

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Highlights Stand-alone: Skip the connections and just snap away Acquire color images and store them on an SD memory card. Then easily transfer your images to a PC. Easily move the camera to any microscope you want - on the camera body two buttons are available: one triggers the acquisition of the image, while the other performs an automatic white balance.

Transform every microscope cost-effectively, into a full-fledged, imaging station. Share and discuss your research with your work group. Sit back and view your sample in comfort on a large screen. Your posture, the stand size, or the viewing angle are no longer an issue. Acquire images through the provided remote control and adjust color saturation, contrast, brightness, and other acquisition parameters of your images accordingly through the on screen display menu.

After defining the settings, you can easily store these settings and carry out routine tasks independently of any computer equipment. With either Labscope or ZEN, you can measure distances and areas interactively, create annotations, and generate reports. Using Labscope, you can save the files directly to your iPad or the Windows network, or you can share your files by emailing them to anyone, anywhere. With ZEN you have the opportunity to upgrade to more advanced image processing and analysis, when the need arises.


Zeiss Axiocam ERc 5s Microscope Camera 5mp



ZEISS Axiocam ERc 5s


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