Deatri King-Bey—I write books that make your heart smile! When the woman he has always loved is violently attacked, the beast must return to save her. After she is released from the hospital, she goes to the one place she feels safe—Maxwell Manor. Being under the protection of the man she loves should be a dream come true for Nefertiti, but their personal demons strive for a nightmare. As Nefertiti and Bruce fight their attraction for each other, they discover there was nothing random about the random attack on Nefertiti. Note: There is very, shall we say, colorful language in this book.

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This novel was so realistic and thought provoking. The emotion and love that was portrayed throughout this novel between Bruce and Nefertiti was just overwhelming. This novel raised awareness about the bipolar disorder, it had mystery, action, humor and definitely some HOT and steamy love scenes.

Definitely a novel for the hopeless romantic and those that believe in fairy tales. Thanks for a real eye-opener, Mrs. I did not enjoy this book. There are so many things wrong, on so many levels. I would not have mentioned the bi-polar thing except at the end of this book the author made point of noting it. There are no strong characters; there are little bits of too many is there a -3 stars?

There are no strong characters; there are little bits of too many people. I have to admit once I hit page I skimmed till the end at I could not endure anymore stupid plot lines. This was a quiet book about true friendship and true beauty.

It was about self worth and learning to love yourself with all your affliction. This book was also about taking the high road and being the bigger person, about given people a second chance in life to do the right thing. A true love story all the way around. Way to go. Keep them coming Feb 17, Trenee rated it liked it So I decided to review this while reading this because I know I will forget all the goodies I need to remember.

Now this is just something that annoyed me to no end: what is up with the lack of physical description with these characters! It took an unimportant comment that his mom read Ebony for me to go "Wait a minute To appease my ego I will say I saw this book in a interracial romance read list so.. I must say as weird as it is I loved the ninja love in this book! I thought it was really endearing to see the characters act so silly with each other. It was just incongruous to me, though the "Brotha hugs" made me laugh.

To me I felt like a was cheated out of a moment to see theses characters grow. This also leads me to how confusing it was starting this book I almost thought I skipped some of the prologue because all the relationships go back decades and the most important event has already occurred.

Now to end this review I do want to mention the fact that I liked the story as a whole. I laughed and felt for the characters. I liked that this book took twists and turns that kept me interested because with some romance books it gets boring. I got more intrigued as this story went along. I liked that real issues were touched upon though some of the situations got tidied up fairly easily in my opinion.

This was a pretty good read.


Beauty and the Beast

Set in modern day Chicago; the story centers around millionaire business mogul, Bruce Maxwell, the beast and his beauty, Nefertiti Townes. Bruce and Nefertiti grew up together as playmates, she being the god daughter of his beloved Aunt Victoria who took him in as a young boy when he was abandoned by her wayward sister. They shared a childhood of good times and as they approached adulthood; they both realized that there was a connection between them that was more than platonic. His anger could be over the top and after years of therapy and changes in various medications; he had decided not to medicate. As a result; he hid himself away from the world.



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