The publication of the trade paperback edition followed a year later, on October 23, [2]. Book two, Bloodhound, had a tentative release date of Spring but was actually released on April 14, Book three, Mastiff , had an original release date for but has been pushed back to Fall of Other editions Except from being published as hardcover and paperback books by Random House, the book has also been made into and audiobook by Listening Library.

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Early life Birth and early years Rebakah was born in HE as the oldest daughter of Ilony Cooper , although her father bet a copper noble piece that she would be a boy [1]. The family lived in the poorest part of Corus , called the Cesspool in the Lower City , where Ilony worked as an herbalist.

Ilony had what is called "lung rot", which eventually killed her. On Mutt Piddle Lane , the street they lived on, Beka was friends with Tansy , a girl in the neighborhood.

Deirdry Noll sometimes gave them leftovers from her bakery. Her father was married to Ilony, and Beka inherited her Air Gift from him. Hobbling the Bold Brass gang "When you led my Lord Provost to the Bold Brass gang, you may have been only eight, but you knew to track a man [ He beat her up and robbed her, thus making Beka furious.

She followed the man and discovered that he was a member of the Bold Brass gang , which had been terrorizing the wealthy districts of Corus for a year by then. Beka went to the nearest kennel guard station to report what she had found out, but none of the guards believed her. She stepped in front of his horse, when he was riding in the Lower City and told him she can give him the Bold Brass gang.

The Lord Provost believed her and thus caught the criminals, which saved his reputation [2]. New home Afterwards Lord Gershom followed Beka home and invited her and her family to live at his household in Corus. They accepted and Beka and Lord Gershom got along quite well, as Beka showed vivid interest in the Dog work, which pleased the Lord even more because none of his own children were that enthusiastic about it.

At that time she has a crush on him. Not only because he is handsome but also because he is a Dog and encourages her in her wish to become one, too. Lord Gershom gives Beka a set of maps for her fifteenth birthday, because he noticed that she admired his maps. She later makes use of this present to keep track of the different victims of the Shadow Snake.

She names him Pounce and Beka later discovers that this is no ordinary cat. Only one of the miracles surrounding Pounce being that he can actually talk.

Trainee guardswoman Ahuda: "Great Mithros bless us, you actually caught her. She has to go through a year of school before she is allowed to street duty as a Puppy. This makes it easier for her, as her way to and from watch is shorter. She has been living in these lodgings since the beginning of March HE. Two rules. And keep out of my way. All right? Time to start the babysitting detail.

Her first two months as a Trainee begin quite eventful, although her high spirits on her first day of duty get doused quickly when she gives chase to a cut-purse and misses his lookout.

He trips her and Beka lands in a heap of fish guts, which gets her the nickname "fishpuppy". Beka catches the woman, Orva Ashmiller , after chasing her through the whole of the Lower City. As a matter of fact, the relationship to her younger siblings, especially her sisters, is rather cool that day and although her brothers are really glad to see Beka she decides not to go to see them the following weeks.

She is quite busy in the weeks to come with two big cases and the desperate need to solve them both. On the one hand there is the mysterious Shadow Snake, a legend which became alive. The Snake takes children and demands ransom from their parents. Tansy also points other victims of the Snake out to her. Beka enlists her friends to help her searching for and speaking to the victims of the Snake.

She learns that there have been more than twenty known cases reaching back for three years. She also finds out that neither the Rogue , Kayfer Deerborn , nor the Dogs have done anything about it. Thus she is determined to find the Snake and bring him down. She even creates maps to keep track of the child-stealings. In the beginning Beka does all her investigations concerning the Shadow Snake on her own only helped by her friends.

Her second big case is brought to her by the ghosts riding the pigeons. There are nine ghosts who were killed all at once and buried where they were killed. Beka discovers that these nine dead had been hired by Crookshank to dig for valuable gems, so-called fire opals. Beka gets even more desperate to solve this case when she finds out that a second crew of diggers has been murdered a few weeks later.

Together with her partners she saves a third crew of diggers and finds the Shadow Snake. The Bloodhound. Not until you know what you say. Some time in May she seems to have witnessed a man running into a building in the Cesspool and setting fire to it, resulting to the deaths of several people and her unable to help them.

This still haunts Beka in the form of nightmares four months later. The first dies in the summer of an epidemic, the red flux. Beka arrests her second partner because he took a bribe to ignore murder. He believes her and apparently requests another partner. So Beka is with her fourth partner by September of HE. Her latest partner, Silsbee , thinks of her as being too eager for him and he, too, requests another partner and is subsequently transferred. When working with them, she is doing some real work and they get big cases solved.

Thus she gets herself "promoted" to a scent-hound handler, because she is allowed to keep Achoo. First news of false coin Shortly after Silsbee gets transferred Beka learns from her friend Tansy that false coin begins to be a problem as more and more "coles" false silver coins get passed along. Beka and her partners begin to look into the matter and discover that there are way too many coles being passed along, which will eventually lead to rising prices. Although she has already been at the edge of riots several times before this is the first time she is in the heart of one [19].

As their partner Tunstall gets severely injured in the Bread Riot, she and Goodwin are alone on their watch for the following time. She made a habit out of leaving her lodgings every day through her front door. She had also developed a habit of leaving her home through the front door instead of using different exits from time to time. Her injuries were treated by Master Sholto. Goodwin told her off for being so careless once Beka woke up.

Fortunately Beka recovers quickly as she and Goodwin are sent to Port Caynn for further investigations concerning the false coins. Even if I did let the Pells get the jump on me this once? Now listen, and practice your tale. After the Pell brothers cracked your poor head, Lord Gershom decided to send you away until the rest of the family rushers are taken and questioned. They make also friends with Nestor Haryse and his lover Okha Soyan.

Still, she gets along with it and already likes Dale more than she perhaps should. When Beka gets word of Goodwins friend Isanz Finer and his family being arrested, she feels under the obligation to help him and goes to the Deputy Provost in the hope that he might listen to her, see the mistake and release the Finers. She insults the knight and he has her arrested. Beka only barely escapes and flees to the Court of the Rogue until Pearl Skinner learns that Beka told Sir Lionel about her suspicions that the Rogue was responsible for the false coins.

Pearl had set a price of five gold nobles for those capturing Beka and Achoo, alive and unharmed [21]. She finds refuge with Okha Soyan in her dressing room at the Waterlily , where she performs. A few days later Goodwin arrives with help from Corus. Together with her faithful scent-hound Achoo and Goodwin, who has to search for Beka as she set off on her own, she tracks down Pearl Skinner herself and makes sure she is presented to a proper court for her wrong-doings. In the fight with Pearl Beka gets badly injured and needs some days to recover.

Her going-off-on-her-own earns her a telling-off from Goodwin and on their return from Tunstall, too. On their voyage home Goodwin announces that she will retire to a desk job, which will make Beka partners with Tunstall. They eventually succeed in rescuing the prince, and the conspiracy is thwarted. Though Beka asks for no reward for herself for succeeding in the Hunt, the king asks her and Prince Gareth to serve as official witnesses for his proclamation of the end of slavery in Tortall.

During the Hunt, Beka had fallen in love with Farmer. The two were married on All Hallows of that year, and Farmer took the name Cooper. Physical description "Everyone else says that my gaze makes folk nervous. She has light blue-grey eyes that are unsettling when she glares. Mostly people dislike her eyes and Dale Rowan once even described them as "ghost-eyes" [23]. However, Hansevor Remy once compared her eyes to moonstones [24].

She has dark blond hair which she tight-braids from the crown of her head and braids a spiked strap into so as to surprise opponents who try to grab her hair in a fight. In her year as a Puppy a white trim is sewn to the hems to show her status as a trainee. Personality and traits Rosto: "Hel-lo! It has a bark and a bite! Why would a coward become a Dog? But Beka is also quite able to forget about her shyness when she is doing her work.

When she is in uniform and chases criminals she has no problems with arresting them, even when she is still a Puppy and thus not strictly allowed to arrest someone on her own, like in the case of Orva Ashmiller. She also disagrees with Ercole Hempstead , a senior guardsman, on his treatment of Achoo, proving that her care for maltreated animals—or humans—is greater than her shyness [31].

In spite of her shyness Beka likes festivals and dances on the Common.


Rebakah Cooper

Early life Birth and early years Rebakah was born in HE as the oldest daughter of Ilony Cooper , although her father bet a copper noble piece that she would be a boy [1]. The family lived in the poorest part of Corus , called the Cesspool in the Lower City , where Ilony worked as an herbalist. Ilony had what is called "lung rot", which eventually killed her. On Mutt Piddle Lane , the street they lived on, Beka was friends with Tansy , a girl in the neighborhood. Deirdry Noll sometimes gave them leftovers from her bakery. Her father was married to Ilony, and Beka inherited her Air Gift from him.


Beka Cooper: A Tortall Legend

Beka is also the surrogate daughter of the Provost, having helped him capture a band of dangerous criminals when she was only 8 years old. Lord Gershom adopts her, her mother, and her brothers and sisters from the "scummer" life of Mutt Piddle Lane, where the very poor live. Beka begins her training assigned as a Puppy, or a Dog in his or her first year of training, to two revered senior Dogs in the Lower City: Clary Goodwin and Mattes Tunstall. Though the Dogs are initially unsure of their new charge, Beka proves to be a valuable resource, although she is extremely shy and has a hard time speaking in front of people. She can also hear snippets of conversations that may contain valuable information caught by "dust spinners," beings made of breeze and dirt mixed from the city streets. From these sources she learns of two grave threats to the Lower City.





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