Bharat Gas is supplying the liquified gas since the s. Bharat Gas has a very large distribution in India. The company claimed that it has very quick customer support. The company grew very fast because of its quality and easy procedure to get the get LPG gas.

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You need to click on this option to check the status of the subsidy Once you click on the option, you will be redirected to the new page and you will be asked for the details to check the status of the subsidy. Click on the status and you can then select the order for which you want to know the subsidy status. This was the process to check the status of the LPG subsidy online. You can access this website on laptops, iPad, computers and even phones.

You can also install the application for these gas connection providers as most of them have integrated this as a standard feature for people. If you are still not comfortable in checking the status online then do not worry as there is also another way to check the status of the Subsidy offline. In the next section, we are going to talk about this offline process.

There are multiple ways to check the status of the subsidy offline. To do so, you can check out the information below. The first and the easiest way to check the status is to call on the toll-free number for PAHL. There is one common number for that.

The contact number is If required, you can raise a complaint as well with the agent on the phone. You can also check the status of the subsidy by calling the company or the distributor directly. You must have the number mentioned on the connection card. The last method is to visit the distributor. Yes, you can also visit your distributor and check the status of the LPG Subsidy. This is certainly possible if your distributor is located near your house.

If this is not the case then you may want to just call the distributor or the toll-free number to get the details. This was all about checking the subsidy status for your gas connection. We hope that the instructions will help you in getting clear information. Apart from this, it should be noted that if you feel that your subsidy is stuck then you can raise a complaint as well. You can raise the complaint online via a service provider website.

From there, you can enter the information and raise a complaint. It is also possible to raise a complaint using an offline process wherein you can call your distributor and get the complaint in place.

For any other information, please reach out to your LPG service provider directly.


Changing Bank Account for LPG Subsidy - Online Method

The government has comprehensively reviewed the PAHAL Scheme and after examining the difficulties faced by the consumer substantively modified the scheme prior to launch. The modified scheme has been was re-launched in 54 districts on Customers will be referred to as CTC or Cash Transfer Compliant once they join the scheme and are ready to receive subsidy into their bank accounts. The two options are: Option I Primary : Wherever Aadhaar number is available, it will remain the medium of cash transfer. This option, introduced in the modified scheme ensures that LPG subsidy is not denied to any LPG consumer given the lack of Aadhaar registration. Amount transferred to consumer The total subsidy applicable on LPG cylinder will then be transferred to the CTC consumer for each subsidized cylinder delivered up to the cap as per his entitlement. During this period such consumers will receive their entitlement of subsidized cylinders at the then applicable subsidized retail selling price.


Bharat Gas — Deactivate my giveup subsidy.


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