Flag for inappropriate content. Po prirodi stvari, svako bi trebalo da zna. Ali zapravo niko ne zna, ili tek poneko zna. O njoj se snimaju filmovi i pi.

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Suocimo ljude da shvate koliko su glupi placajuci mi egzistenciju potomcima ili mi nadopunivsi vozni park od istih automobila, dok se ja kobajagi grozim i ismijavam iz tog istog novca i vadim ljudima parabole iz Upanishada. Skip carousel. Osho Put Belih Oblaka. Osho Savrseni Put. Osho-Nevinost Znanje i Radoznalost. Osho Neophodnost Jutarnje. Al Fath Ar Rabbani Pdf. To rade njegovi imitatori, koji ce u svojim nastojanjima da budu Buda uspijeti mnoge stvari da rade mnogo bolje od samoga Bude.

Ali, oni nisu Buda. Kad pomislis da si na dobrom putu, zalutao si. In , aged nineteen, Osho began his studies at Hitkarini College in Jabalpur. Jain College, also in Jabalpur. Jain College except for examinations, and used his free time to work for a few months as an assistant editor at a newspaper. Quote from: G The fourth way is sometimes called the way of the sly man.

The sly man knows some secret which the fakir, monk and yogi do not know. The incident on the train did happen, but not as Osho describes it, and it happened with Fritz Peters, not Maurice Nicoll. The train episode appears, I believe, in the second book. Quote from: Osho Gurdjieff was really a remarkable Mystic, one of the most remarkable who has ever walked on the earth.

But to understand him is more difficult than to understand anybody else. With Gurdjieff it was true — he was very secretive. If anybody wanted to get anything from him, it was not an easy job. Even if you read his book, you cannot read more than ten pages.

It is a one-thousand-page book. All And Everything is the name of the book, but you cannot go on more than ten pages, for the simple reason that he writes in such a way that to find out what he is saying is difficult.

One sentence goes on running over the whole page. By the time you end the sentence you have forgotten the beginning. And what happened in the middle, nobody knows. He was inventing words of his own, so you cannot consult any dictionary. Those words belonged to no language, he simply invented them. And they are long words — sometimes half the sentence is only one word. Even to read it is difficult, to pronounce it is difficult. In that book of one thousand pages, perhaps there are ten sentences at the most which are really profound.

Gurdjieff could have printed them on a postcard, but that man was a category in himself. He wants you to find those ten sentences in that one-thousand-page book, which he has made as difficult as possible. People go to silent places, holiday homes, beaches, mountains, to write books.

Gurdjieff used to go to restaurants, pubs. And sitting in the middle of the restaurant where everything was going on — hundreds of people coming in and going out, all kinds of talk — he was writing his book, his masterpiece. The impression I get from this is that although Osho appears to be praising Gurdjieff, he is actually belittling him and his work.

Gurdjieff was Caucasian, and the Caucasus is famous for producing really strong men. Another Caucasian was Joseph Stalin. But Gurdjieff was far ahead of Joseph Stalin.

This was a test for the follower. Just think of yourself — you would have escaped. Seeing the situation, that he is going to be caught and thrown into a jail. At the next station the police will be there, we have already informed them. I will not put you in any such situation. You need not steal anything from me, because I am putting everything on the table before you.

It is absolutely irrelevant to me and you. I am not your master, I am not hiding anything from you. You need not steal. I am trying to give you the gift and you go on running!

It requires years of struggle. It seems also that Osho has completely misunderstood the concept of the sly man. It needs mature individuals who are willing to work and do. Quote from: Osho I am trying to present you the truth, as a gift. But truth — even to accept it as a gift — is a difficult phenomenon, because if you accept the truth, then all the lies that you have been living up to now have to be dropped. Gurdjieff was his type. I am my type.

And I know there is no need for me to hide anything, because you are hiding from me, and I am trying to push truth, love, compassion, meditation — everything — into your pockets.

And you go on running away from me because you know that I am a lazy man and I will not run after you. You have simply to receive with grace. There is no need to steal here.

Why should you be reduced to thieves? Why should you be made the sly man? I want you to be the innocent child, who is ready and open and vulnerable. And I am so full of my ecstasy that I want to rain on anybody without asking his qualifications, his characteristics.

But you are so afraid seeing the rain cloud coming up, you rush into your homes just to save your clothes, afraid that they will get wet. Yes, it is true you are dry, and if you allow me to shower on you, you are going to become juicy. Mogao bi se neugodno iznenaditi. Na sunce s time preporukama!! Vrlo je jednostavna. Dobro se vidi samo srcem.

On nikada nije bio zagovornik siromastva vec upravo suprotno-govorio je da svaki covek ima pravo na bogatstvo i blagostanje ali da novac ne sme biti cilj sam po sebi vec samo sredstvo koje ce olaksati zivot i dati neophodnu sigurnost.

Zao mi je sto se pojedinci,kad je u pitanju Osho,bave nekim sporednim stvarima vezanim za njegov zivot propustajuci sustinu njegovih divnih ucenja koja ne prestaju da nadahnjuju i diraju u srca duhovne tragaoce sirom sveta.


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