Please note that I gave this book 2. Trigger warning: rape. So book 2 definitely does not work as well as book 1 does. The two leads had no real Please note that I gave this book 2.

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Grace had her briefcase open on her lap. There were a dozen things to be packed away, but she stared out the window, pleased to see the ground rushing up toward her. There was nothing, as far as she was concerned, that was quite the same as flying. The plane was late. She knew that because the man across from her in seat 3B kept complaining about it. Kathleen would be complaining too, she thought. Not out loud or anything, Grace mused as she smiled and settled back for the landing.

Kathleen might have been just as irritated as 3B, but she would never have been rude enough to mumble and moan. If Grace knew her sister, and she did, Kathleen would have left home over an hour before, making certain to take into consideration the unpredictability of Washington traffic. With twenty minutes to spare, Kathleen would have parked her car in the short-term lot, rolled up the windows, locked the doors, and made her way, without being tempted by the shops, to the gate.

She would never have gotten lost or mixed the numbers up in her mind. Kathleen was always early. Grace was always late. That was nothing new. Still she hoped, really hoped, there could be some common ground between them now. Sisters they were, but they had rarely understood each other. The plane bumped to earth and Grace began tossing whatever came to hand into her briefcase.

Lipstick tumbled in with matchbooks, pens with tweezers. That was something else a woman as organized as Kathleen would never understand. A place for everything.

Grace agreed in principle, but her place never seemed to be the same from one time to the next.

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