BS Colour Range Please note we no longer offer printed colour cards. However, printed colour swatches are available to purchase from e-paint. The British Standard C colour paint range is offered in a limited number of products and orders are subject to a minimum of BSC is a range of special and mixed colours, particularly for military use. For further information please also see the Surfaces and Product pages of our site.

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BS Peacock blue. BS Azure blue. BS Oxford blue. BS Royal blue. BS Strong blue. BS Aircraft blue. BS Roundel blue. BS Deep saxe blue. BS French blue. BS Pale roundel blue. BS Light French blue. BS Sky. BS Eau de Nil. BS Sea green. BS Grass green. BS Olive green. BS Brilliant green. BS Middle bronze green. BS Deep bronze green. BS Light Brunswick green. BS Mid Brunswick green. BS Deep Brunswick green. BS Dark green. BS Bold green. BS Verdigris green.

BS Aircraft grey green. BS Spruce green. BS Olive drab. BS Canary yellow. BS Primrose. BS Grapefruit. BS Light brown.

BS Very dark drab. BS Pale cream. BS Deep cream. BS Lemon. BS Golden yellow. BS Light buff. BS Light stone. BS Bold yellow. BS Vellum. BS Light beige. BS Manilla. BS Biscuit. BS Camouflage desert sand. BS Light straw.

BS Beige. BS Camouflage beige. BS Middle brown. BS Dark brown. BS Golden brown. BS Dark camouflage brown. BS Venetian red. BS Salmon pink. BS Shell pink. BS Pale roundel red. BS Service brown. BS Signal red. BS Currant red. BS Maroon. BS Ruby. BS Light orange. BS Bold red. BS Apricot.

BS International orange. BS Camouflage grey. BS Light aircraft grey. BS Dark camouflage grey. BS French grey. BS Light grey. BS Dark admiralty grey. BS Medium sea grey. BS Dark sea grey. BS Night. BS Light weatherwork grey. BS Dark weatherwork grey. BS Smoke grey. BS Aircraft grey. BS Dove grey. BS Light admiralty grey. BS Dark violet. BS Fan. BS : Chart. BS fan. BS C :


British Standard 381C Colours


DM - RMC100 - C PDF

Colour Kote Ltd


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