Mais ce peuple avait un devoir envers lui : le louer. Or il y a devant nous plus que Michael Jackson! Luc 19 : Il se sera trouver un nouveau peuple! Il est donc digne de recevoir nos louanges. Psaume 22 : 3.

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The text of these is included where they occur in the context of the complete Septuagint , rather than being grouped together in an appendix. Deuterocanonical sections of books in the Hebrew canon are identified by the use of italics.

It is commonly held that the Jerusalem Bible was not a translation from the French; rather, it was an original translation heavily influenced by the French. This view is not shared by Henry Wansbrough, editor of the New Jerusalem Bible, who writes, "Despite claims to the contrary, it is clear that the Jerusalem Bible was translated from the French, possibly with occasional glances at the Hebrew or Greek, rather than vice versa.

The revisions were substantial. The revised version is said to be less literary but, for the most part, more literal. The introductions and footnotes, translated almost entirely from the French, have also been thoroughly revised and expanded, making it one of the most scholarly editions of the Bible.

For the most part, however, the inclusive language is limited to avoiding a "preference" for the masculine , as the translators write in the foreword. The New Jerusalem Bible uses more gender inclusive language than the Jerusalem Bible, but far less than many modern translations such as the New Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition , which changes "brothers" to "brothers and sisters", throughout the New Testament. For the inclusive language that it does contain, it has been rejected by many conservative American Catholics in favor of the Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition or the Douay-Rheims Bible.

Outside of America it has become the most widely used Catholic translation in English-speaking countries. However, "Lord" is a translation of "Adonai". Further, this decision is based on translating or reinstating the earliest known copy of parts of the Old Testament found at Qumran in the Dead Sea Scrolls , dating to about the second century BCE.

Coincidentally, the Qumran text sometimes agrees with the Septuagint, from about the same period, rather than with the later Masoretic text. This is for the sake of accuracy, as the translation of "Sabaoth" is uncertain. The French portion of the Demonstration Volume is available online, [7] together with a single sample of the English translation.

The first edition, containing the New Testament and the Psalms, was published in February , and the full Bible in July Substantially revising the JB and NJB texts, the new translation "applies formal equivalence translation for a more accurate rendering of the original scriptures, sensitivity to readable speech patterns and more inclusive language.

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