Fenrijinn transistor c Return Policy Transiistor appreciate your business and offer an instant 30 days return policy. Supplier Types Trade Assurance. Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate. Looking for good quality and best price electronic component parts inventory. Learn something new every day More Info General ratings for a C transistor include a power dissipation of 0. Further information can also be obtained just from the part number.

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Top 10 amazing movie makeup transformations The C transistor is a general-purpose transistor and can also used as an audio frequency amplifier. The majority of transistors are coded for easy identification although these designations can vary by manufacturer. One or two letters are usually followed by a series of numbers, and then possibly more numbers.

Therefore, a C transistor may also be identified as a 2SC transistor. The letter C in this series identifies the transistor for general-purpose use.

Made from semiconductor materials, a transistor has three leads, or terminals, and sometimes more. These are used to switch electronic signals, or pulses, or to amplify the signals. Further information can also be obtained just from the part number.

The first negative end of the transistor is connected to the negative side of a circuit, and controls the flow of electrons to the positive region in the middle. The other negative end of the transistor controls the electrons leaving the positive, middle portion. Ad Leads on a transistor are identified as the emitter , base, and collector. The emitter is the output for the supply. The base acts a control gate for a larger electrical input at the collector, which — as its name implies — collects energy.

For example, when a C transistor is used in a video application, the emitter sends out the video output signal. This is processed through the base, which could be a low video signal, and powered by the collector, which may be a 5-volt energy supply. By varying the electrical current at the base of a transistor, the amount of power flowing from the collector to the emitter can be controlled.

For instance, in digital circuits, a transistor is on when it receives 5-volts, and off when it receives less than that amount. General ratings for a C transistor include a power dissipation of 0. The transistor is capable of a collector current of 0. The collector-to-base voltage can be up to volts. A field-effect transistor FET was originally designed as a replacement for a triode — part of older vacuum tube technology.

The use of transistors helped the electronics industry change rapidly, and improvements in technology are allowing smaller components to be used to manufacture smaller devices.


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