I bought these purely to get into Pro TOols at a cheap price, and now I am hooked. I use a Celereon with one gig of ram, not a powerhouse, but it works well for my production studio. Yes, it is not the latest and greatest unit by Digidesign and no it will not work on any Pro Tools version above version six four. But for the price you can find these things, most people can live with the shortcomings.

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Pro Tools LE 6. Pro Tools TDM 6. Turn on your system. Selecting Ignore or Retry results in an unsuccessful installation. When installation is complete, click Finish to restart your computer. Double-click the Add or Remove Programs icon. The following sections document known issues you may encounter in using the ASIO Driver, along with workarounds if they exist. If this occurs, let the system complete its reboot, then manually reboot the system again to regain ASIO functionality.

Instead, stop playback first, then adjust the loop points. Nuendo 2. Click on the VST Outputs option. Sonar 2. The workaround is to ether disable SySex messaging in the preferences of Sonar 2. Wave Lab 4. The workaround is to stop playback first, and then switch to scrubbing.

Should this happen, use a higher Buffer Size setting. Other Buffer Size settings do not mute the output. In order to reset Reason, switch to a Buffer Size setting other than , close Reason, reboot your computer, and launch Reason. This is because Native Instruments Program inputs only work with hardware that reports a bit data path. Audio output is not effected. Doing so will cause unexpected errors to occur. To turn off transition effect: Right-click your desktop and choose Properties.

Choose the Appearance tab and click the Effects button. Uncheck "Use the following transition effect for menus and tooltips. This was fixed with version 6. This is fixed with version 6. A: No. Also, in a joint collaboration with Propellerhead Software, Digidesign has added Rewire 2 support with all Pro Tools 6. A: Yes, the driver will only work on systems running Windows XP. A: Yes. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Windows XP has the un-zip capability built into the XP operating system.

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