Greg was desperate to get Rowley to be a part of the student council goes through a lot of stuff but it turned out to be useless because Rowley was the only one who signed up to be social chairperson. Then, Abigail Brown, who is alone after her boyfriend, Michael Sampson, had a family obligation. Greg asks Rowley to ask Abigail to go with them as a group of friends; she agrees. At the dance, their night is ruined when senior citizens overrun their dance, claiming they reserved the dance area first, but they compromise things that ruin the theme, such as lights, no more music and a partition severing half the gym. Michael Sampson even arrives with Cherie Bellanger. Michael was supposed to go with Abigail, and he may have lied, and neither Abigail nor Michael probably expected each other to be at the dance.

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Synopsis January Greg talks about his baby days and explains probably from his imagination that before being born, he was in a dark place swimming and napping anytime he wanted, until being woken up by classical music that his mother Susan would send through "parental speakers". Susan would also tell Greg about her life through the speakers too and Frank would also tell him about his day at work.

Greg then got tired of it and got out three weeks early. Then he explains how everything he got was a hand down from his elder brother Rodrick. Susan used to not let Greg crawl a lot and that resulted in Greg being way behind his playmates in the physical stuff. Greg finally learned to walk, but was in preschool by the time and was still quite behind his classmates. His classmates could do things like use zippers and buttons and many other things Greg was unable to, so he tried to slow them down by giving them wrong information.

Susan made him skip a grade to kindergarten, but he was scared there so he went back again. Greg then explains whatever Susan did for Greg would not work for Manny as she uses a different technique.

Greg is doing house chores until he heard a knock and finds his Uncle Gary at the door. Living with Gary is bad for the Heffleys, his nightmares make Manny shift his bed away from the wall and whenever Rodrick is kicked out of bed in morning, he has to sleep on the up part of the couch.

Greg explains how Gary has been trying to get a job, but whenever he gets one, he quits after a few days. Moretta announces in Phys Ed that the ballroom dancing unit is starting and people should find a partner by writing their names in slips and submitting them.

Underwood in the elbow. The teacher paired them up with each other. An assembly by Vice Principal Roy and Mrs. Birch announces new members for the Student Council. Greg cannot sign up due to him having three detentions, but sees Rowley could be perfect. Rowley signs up to be Social Chairperson. February Javan Hill found that Pillow Soft Ultra toilet paper was being used by the teachers, not the kids. So Eugene went to the lounge and showed Mrs. The school introduces a program where students can bring in their own toilet paper.

However, the plan backfires when some of the boys start a toilet paper fight in the cafeteria. After this whole toilet paper experience, students learned that they are going to raise money of their own if they want something.

Greg tries to find a date, but it starts to fail. A pantsing fever starts in the school which is quickly stopped by Roy , but a kid under the bleachers quickly pantses him and escapes. Now he or she is dubbed as the Mad Pantser.

He tries to cover it up since the chickenpox has been contagious in school. At the dance, the theme is Midnight In Paris but old people take one half of the hall for their meeting, but the lights had to be on the gym for the old folks to have the meeting.

Later Uncle Gary tries to sell the Botson T-shirts , but people were ripped off and wanted a refund. Uncle Gary distracts the kids by playing music, making elder people complain. When the volume was down, all the girls took out their CD players and danced. Meanwhile, Gary announces the final song and Greg danced with Abigail. Later they head home, Greg realizes the "chickenpox" on Abigail was a pimple.

Extract quotes from the book I looked for a way to escape, but I was trapped. Luckily, Abigail walked out of the bathroom at that exact moment and I grabbed her hand just before Ruby got to me. I was just happy to have an excuse to get away from Ruby.

And to be honest with you, I think Abigail was happy to see me, too, so I led her to an empty spot on the dance floor. She put hers on my shoulder, and I put mine in my pockets, but that kind of felt dumb. So we met in the middle, and that seemed about right. And speaking of Rowley and Abigail, I heard that the two of them are a couple now. The good news is that with everyone out of the house, I can take a long bath without anyone bothering me.

Today I had a fresh towel next to the tub, and when I open my eyes it was gone. I was a little nervous about using it, though, because if that stuff really works like they say in the ads then tomorrow night could be a nightmare. Every once in awhile, a few latecomers would walk in and turn right back around when they saw what was happening.

But, at around , Michael Sampson came in hold hands with Cherie Ballanger.





The Third Wheel


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