Fork this repo to contribute. Do not export the Google Code repo to GitHub since that version is old. What is it? This may seem odd to you, since 1 Maven 2 is supposed to support DocBook natively, relying on Doxia, and 2 there is already another DocBook plugin at mojo. The thruth however is that DocBook support in Doxia is fairly limited, mainly because Doxia as a framework supports only a small fraction of the concepts found in DocBook.

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Ducage In that case you can simply link this stylesheet to all HTML pages generated by addding the htmlStylesheet property, like shown below.

This is supported as of version 2. This has been bugging me for months now, but I was unable to figure it out. The DocBook plugin found at mojo. This chart shows how much is this artifact used as a dependency in other Maven artifacts in Central repository and GitHub: Zero is interpreted as false.

This samples shows you how to use profiling stylesheets in this case the html one. In the DocBook Plugin found at mojo. Normally you would of course want generation of the documents to happen automatically. Simply specify it as additional goals. The plugin is not performing any action. There are however some significant differences:.

The highlightXslthlConfig attribute can be used to configure xslthl to add new highlighters, Write a simple docbook file Create the following file: Java, Maven, Tools and everything else Every goal every output format defines its own collection of customizable properties. At least, nothing that pointed me not being a DocBook expert pougin this direction Anything non-zero is interpreted as true. Docbkx Maven Plugin — javalibs You will need to add a thirdparty sonatype repository in your pom configuration:.

In addition, the plugin also defines a couple of properties of its own. Add the following plugin declaration to your pom. Hopefully all of the above will make you consider using DocBook. A Maven plugin for generating epub output from DocBook documents, using version 1.

Docbkx Tools I managed to find my own post here which you referenced, and a solution! A Maven plugin for generating webhelp output from DocBook documents, using version 1. This sample shows the webhelp output, a browser and platform independent output with a javascript search engine. Is there any configuration not provided, yet, which will start the plugin to do some work? The entire list would be far to big to list here, so we will just give a simple example.

It is especially needed if you want to work offline. Rick-Rainer Ludwig 1, 1 18 The easiest way to customize your DocBook output is probably by changing property values, as outlined above.

Instead of being a reference guide, this document is intended to get you started, and at least to get some flavour of generzte scope of this plugin. In order to do generatte you will have to make an empty at least stylesheet customization layer and just point to the profiling stylesheet of the official docbook distribution. Christoph April 7, at 3: This also does not work.

Now that you are able to create a sample docbook and publish it, you might want to learn the Docbook format itself. I use Maven 3. Here is the relevant snippet:. First of all, it is not uncommon for documents to refer to a version of the software. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Jason, dkcbkx for your feedback. Docbook is an XML format generally used for writing technical documentation. This makes it easy to ship documentation with the source and lets you keep versions of documentation in sync olugin the product version. In order to use it, add a language attribute to the DocBook element containing your sources, and set it to the language of the sources within that element. We are actually quite happy with this approach, especially because we are able to automatically publish the docs in a number of formats, including HTML and PDF.

Dockbx Samples Some examples showing how you would generate DocBook output from an existing Maven project. Most Related.



Join For Free Learn more about how to create a Maven plugin. Apache Maven is a widely-adopted build automation tool in the Java space, popular for its plugin options. Turtles all the way down! That is it! Write the Maven Plugin Code On to the fun part: writing the code! AbstractMojo; import org.


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Yoll The DocBook plugin at mojo. Your latest example contains two includes configuration options which is not valid maven configuration. The example below does not really do anything interesting before rendering PDF output. First of all, geberate is not uncommon for documents to refer to a version of the software. The plugin goal used above generate-html converts the docbook xml to html. Jason, thanks for your feedback.

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