Family Edit Menen Asfaw was born in Ambassel. She bore her second husband two children as well, a daughter, Woizero Desta Amede, and a son, Jantirar Gebregziabiher Amede. It is unclear whether Woizero Menen was married to the aged nobleman and secured a divorce shortly afterwards to marry her royal groom or whether there was only an engagement between them which was broken without ado. The rapport between the two may have inspired Lij Iyasu to attempt to bind Dejazmach Tafari to him more firmly through marriage ties. He therefore terminated the arrangement whether marriage or engagement between Woizero Menen and Ras Leulseged, and sent her to Harar to marry Dejazmach Tafari Makonnen. Indeed, he was among the leaders who fought on the side of Dejazmach Tafari Makonnen in the Battle of Segale , and died in that battle.

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This book may not contain all your biography, but it is a small part of it. When I prepare this book your excellency may acknowledge it and I beg your majesty in the state of fear to present the book. Even though, your kindness and charity is well known all over the world, I have to transfer my knowledge of your good deeds for the coming generation.

I was lucky to observe what was going on in your palace when I was learning in the compound of St. Mark church since During that time I had observed at near your kindness, charity and good deeds. But my interest is to give concrete fact for the next generation in written form. This small book may contain your good deeds and I am initiated after I had observed your charity and kindness. I am very grateful for the Almighty God for which I could accomplish this book. This is not only my wish but also deep and keen interest of all Ethiopian to you.

Women shared problems and scarified them selves which make them sacred and give them special place in the history of mankind. Woman participated in the battle field with men and be victorious than men.

Some women are remembered famously because they made adventure. During peace women show their hospitality at home. History mention that they invite the army and have good social relations. More than in any country, women in Ethiopia as men fight in the battle field being courageous. In the war front women fight with their husbands. Some women were commanders of the army which made them famous and their name is noticed in the world.

From these famous women Queen Taitu has got a great historical place. Empress Taitu fought in Adua battle field as a soldier and as a commander of the army before 62 years.

Next to Queen Taitu our most chanceful Queen Empress Menen is the one who is the most beautiful naturally. She is always with the people who share the problems and find solutions.

Queen Menen stretches her hand for the poor so that all Ethiopians like her very much. In when Majesty King of Kings went to the battle filled Empress Menen administered the people in the capital city. The king and the Queen were tied with Holy communion. Their children and grand children were engaged in different fobs to give service for their country. This is special and absolute history for us which we cannot get any where.

Empress Menen since she came to this world in for 67 years age accomplished human deeds and charity. This kindness categorized her into sacred women. Elders, Monks, and priests in the church are witnesses for their sacred deeds. The writer is also would like to explain her eternal work by writing her biography in the following chapters. She was baptized in St Delba George Church. Empress Menen know her native language, Amharic the reading and writing skill.

Her Amharic teachers were Maduna and Father Workineh. Since she has the best knowledge of house hold management people called her the head of women. Empress Menen is charming lady and no one can compete with her. In she married legally and born 2 daughters and 2 sons. In Nov. The Wedding Ceremony was accomplished in the following condition. When they arrived there, Dejazmach Teferi waited them at the place called Hammaressa near to Harar Kejazmach Teferi was accompanied by his loyal servants and lords to receive her with respect.

In addition to this the Harar army was awaiting to receive the princess around Awash. The people of Harar wished for the couple to be like the sacred marriage of Abraham and Sarah. Gave Birth 22 Jan. Princess Tanagne Work have go many children and become grand mother. In July 8, the second son "Duke" was born. By the time Dejazmach Teferi was in Addis Ababa.

She hug the small baby and travelled to Addis Ababa. When she started her Journey they reached at Qersa. The next day princess Menen travelled from Qersa to Dire Dawa. Prince Asfa Wosen have got many children and grand chldren. In July 18, the third princess was born. The princess Christian name is given as Hirute Sellassie. And her name is called princess Zenebework. The princess died in March 15 having no children.

In Sept. He has got full authority to govern Ethiopia on behalf of the people and Empress Menen has got a rank of princess. In Oct. Even though their grand-father king Michale made civil war since he was at the side of his son Lij Eyasu Michael. Princess Menen kept her promise with her husband crown prince Ras Teferi Mekonnen and showed her loyalty helping him up to the end. In Feb. Her father was Emperor Menelik II. The Christian name of this princess was Wolete Birhan and her name is called princess Tsehay.

Princess Tsehay was kind and willing to help the poor. She died in August 12, without having any children. Empress Taitu told to Empress Menen to complete it. Keeping her promise Empress Menen invested a lot of money and constructed the church. Empress Taitu gave this project to Empress Menen because she knew spiritually that princess Woizero Menen will be Empress in the future. Empress Menen gave her estate to the monastery helped those who give service to the church. This monastery is still a shelter for many Christians.

There is holy water near to the church which people immersed and drink it. People from every corner of Ethiopia give thanks to Empress Menen for this Holy water. Jesus Christ preached Christianity and sacrificed himself for the sake of our sin. Empress Menen went to Jerusalem by train and ship via Djibouti reached in Jerusalem.

After she visited every part of Jerusalem, she went to Egypt to visit holy places. She gave a lot of money to monasteries and came back to her places. In October 5, Empress Menen delivered the fifth prince. The prince took the name of his grandfather Mekonnen while his Christian name was Araya Yohannes. Orice Mekonnen the Duke of Harar, passed away in May 4, after he had five sons.

In May 20, Majesty Haile Sellassie was saved from the accident of Harmay sea and Empress Menen was praying wishing that prince crown to come back home safely. In June, , Empress Menen visited Teferi Mekonnen school and donated money after observing different kinds of handicraft products. On this occasion Empress Menen showed her ability in inviting the invited guests throughout 8 days feasting.

The feasting had historical chapter which cannot be forgotten. On Feb. By the time she accompanied up to Desie and came back to Addis Ababa. In March 24, Majesty Empress Zewditu passed away. As a result of this empress Menen has got also the same chance as her husband promoted. In Sep. This makes women to be participated in the sphere of knowledge and technology equally with men. In this school a great number of ladies has got a chance to learn.

Many students got scholarship to foreign countries, this school fulfilled its objective. The invited guests from different countries had got prize of silver medal which had the picture of King of Kings of Ethiopia Haile Sellassie I and Empress Menen. Dear invited foreign guests appreciated the beauty of Empress Menen. The prince took his Christian name of his grand father prince Sahile Aba Dina.

Hana Church at Furi on her estate. She gave a lot of acres of land to priests and deacons of the church. Empress Menen also gave urban land for the residents. After she visited different Churches and monasteries constructed St. Trinity church for Ethiopians on her account. In Fascist Italy was prepared to invade Ethiopia.


Menen Asfaw



Empress Menen Asfaw of Ethiopia






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