Last Thursday night, before thousands of jubilant supporters who converged at R. It places a heavy focus on youth development, national volunteering, business expansion and economic development of the Family Islands. However, the party asserted that it had been releasing critical components of Our Plan, such as its crime fighting platform Project Safe Bahamas and a mortgage relief scheme for homeowners facing foreclosure, over the past several months. While this is by no means an exhaustive look at Manifesto , I have highlighted a few areas which should be of concern to voters. Crime In no other area has this administration faced more criticism and backlash than its crime fighting strategy.

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Legal and illegal immigration fnm The well-known song reminds us: This land is your land. During their first years in office our opponents set up several important national institutions. Yet, the promise to our country was jeopardised and the covenant between the Bahamian people and their government came dangerously close to the breaking point in the years after independence.

Sadly, the Party that had fought for Majority Rule in order to empower the disenfranchised and address the privilege of the few became the party of perquisites and victimisation, and studiously refused to yield on an essential ingredient of democracy — freedom of the airwaves. Their tacit support of lawlessness and their toleration of the drug culture laid the foundation for the climate of violence which today haunts our country.

We ushered in a new era of clean, accountable and transparent government. Our Government in the sunshine was productive, forward-looking and progressive. During our two terms in office we revived a faltering economy and gave our nation renewed hope. When our opponents once again assumed power from , progress was stalled by the weakest, most unproductive and incompetent government in the history of an independent Bahamas.

Even so, they believed they could escape accountability for their misdeeds if they could only convey a sense of economic progress. To do this they pursued shamelessly a host of unproductive projects for which they were willing to give away much of The Bahamas. After a single disastrous term, the Bahamian people rejected that scandal-ridden administration. Since our re-election in we have been working nonstop to restore your trust and address many of the problems caused or ignored by our opponents during their time in government.

We have fought to strengthen our economy during the worst global economic crisis since independence. We have relentlessly attacked the long simmering problem of crime and its root causes. We are making progress both in terms of economic recovery and national security. Yet, there is much work to be done and we must continue to move Steady Sunward. Lift up your head to the rising sun, Bahamaland. Just as we delivered the greatest overhaul in decades of our criminal justice system, and of our national infrastructure and social security systems, we will deliver more during our next term.

Our National Security Strategic Plan will guide our fight against crime, drug- and gun-trafficking, human trafficking, illegal immigration and poaching. We will continue to build an Opportunity and Shareholding Society. In consultation with Bahamians, we will launch Jubilee Bahamas, a year national plan leading to the 50th anniversary of our independence; key part of which will be a Recovery and Growth Agenda that focuses on jobs and wealth creation, small businesses, and support to entrepreneurs through innovative grants and incentives.

We will launch the Back to the Island campaign, which we hope will become the largest migration of Bahamians back to the Family Islands in our history. A focused Heritage Tourism Initiative and a further incentivized Creative Economy will provide both sustainable economic growth and human development.

We will introduce the most comprehensive social intervention initiatives ever seen in the modern Bahamas. We will build on our Social Development Agenda in the fields of health care, education, housing and social security. We will introduce National Catastrophic Health Insurance and continue to build the best health care facilities in this region.

We will expand home ownership. We will improve the quality of public education and student performance. We will deliver these and other pledges just as we have in our prior terms in office. We will do this in full accord with the principle of fiscal prudence and through clean, honest and accountable government.

I thank you for the privilege of serving you over many years in public life. I thank you for placing your trust in my leadership and that of successive FNM governments.

On behalf of my colleagues, I ask you, the Bahamian people, for another term to continue the good work we have begun. Our Bahamas is an archipelago of opportunity and possibilities. We have kept the faith of the Bahamian people providing transparent and accountable Government between and , and again from up to this very day.

We privatized the telecommunications sector and provided for its independent regulation. We changed the law so that Bahamian citizens temporarily resident overseas for work or study could vote in general elections at Bahamas Overseas Consular Offices.

Between and we valiantly shouldered our responsibility as a Loyal Opposition and exposed the corrupt, scandalously inefficient Government led by those who oppose us. We remain steadfastly committed to our labour of love to assist our people in achieving their goals of personal development, and to promote the responsible and sustainable development of our country.

We are committed to securing bright futures for generations of Bahamians to come. Our hard work and diligence won us the trust of the people.

And, on the 4th of May, the Free National Movement again assumed the responsibility of Government. In July the world economy began its descent into the Great Recession with the collapse of the Real Estate Market. Governments of developed and developing countries around the world responded by cutting public sector jobs, reducing salaries, and shrinking social assistance benefits. Instead, your FNM Government safeguarded the jobs of 20, public sector employees; recruited additional police, prison, customs, and immigration officers to boost national security; and employed additional teachers, doctors, nurses and other health care professionals to pursue our education and health agendas.

We launched a six-month temporary employment programme that created an additional 2, jobs. We supported new small business start-ups and the expansion of existing small businesses through Self Starter and Jump Start. We simplified access to Government Guarantee Loans, and enacted a new Business Licence Act to reduce bureaucracy and the cost of doing business in The Bahamas. And along with creating jobs, we dramatically increased social assistance for food, rent, mortgage payments, and energy assistance to aid Bahamians during difficult times.

We believe that the future of our country lies in the hands of our youth. And we have worked to help our young people ignite their future and achieve their full potential.

We expanded investment in education. We built the first new primary and secondary schools in the country in over five years. We recruited additional specialist teachers, improved tuition materials in our schools and libraries, increased scholarships for tertiary education and supported the College of The Bahamas in its planned progression toward university status.

This term in office we raced to revive initiatives that had faltered between and We launched a programme to promote healthy life styles, to encourage good dietary habits and supported oral health initiatives. We launched the Prescription Drug Programme and re-started the planned upgrade and expansion of hospital and community health clinics around the country.

Additionally, we have worked to modernize The Bahamas. We enacted far-reaching legislation to regulate electronic communications, safeguard our financial services sector, better protect children and the disabled, and strengthen the hand of the law against criminals. We are pleased to have been able to deliver on all aspects of our commitments to the Bahamian people. We are proud to have provided a scandal-free, accountable government throughout our last term in office. We asked you to place your trust in us and we honoured that trust, and we will continue to honour the Bahamian people.

But much important work remains to be done. We ask that you continue to place your trust in us. We promise and commit to continue our work on your behalf, and for the benefit of your children and the next generation. Being a good neighbour, generosity of spirit and Christian charity characterize our people. The anti-social behaviour that fuels high levels of crime is not a natural, constitutive side of our character.

The forces that introduced it to us and that continue to reinforce it will remain the target of our relentless fight. The trade and abuse of illicit narcotics are the root causes of the crime surge in The Bahamas over the past decades. Our National Anti-Drug Strategy is addressing the drug phenomenon in The Bahamas on all fronts: demand and supply reduction, the treatment and rehabilitation of abusers, and the identification, detention and prosecution of those engaged in the trade and distribution of drugs.

To stop the flow of drugs into our country and the crime that accompanies it, we are strengthening Border Control and will combine Customs and Immigration controls at our ports of entry.

We have also expanded the presence of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force in and around our archipelago. To tackle crime in our streets, we have modernized and better equipped the Royal Bahamas Police Force, passed and implemented tough anti-crime legislation and improved conditions in our legal, judicial and prison systems. To complement to these efforts, we have also worked with educators, social workers and other citizens to implement new prevention programmes.

Ensuring the safety and security of all Bahamians is our number one priority. The goal of the FNM is to have a modern, efficient crime fighting machine properly manned, trained and equipped to prevent crime where possible, detect crime when it occurs and bring those responsible to account before the courts.

Our aim is not just to control bad behavior, but to change it. We are making our system more responsive, ensuring cases are heard sooner and more efficiently, while safeguarding fairness in the system.

The FNM is committed to ensuring that the Royal Bahamas Defence Force is manned, trained and equipped to fully meet its mandate to protect our national borders. The FNM accelerated the process of customs duty rationalization begun during its previous terms.

This streamlining has resulted in fewer and lower customs duty rates, measurably improved efficiency in the collection of revenue and reduced levels of lost revenue. The goal of the FNM is to prevent fraud in the customs clearance process, maximize the collection of government revenue, and reduce the cost of living for Bahamians.


FNM Manifesto 2012

Accelerate taxation system reforms to reduce dependence on border taxes and broaden the tax base Establish a Consumer Protection Agency Complete the process of accession to the World Trade Organization, providing for the full integration of our economy into the international trading system under the most favourable terms possible. The two most important sectors of our economy in terms of job creation and business opportunity for Bahamians - tourism and nancial services have always been and remain heavily dependent on FDI. The FNM supports and encourages international investment in our economy under clear, transparent and favourable conditions for Bahamians. Successive FNM Administrations have delineated, published and implemented clear national investment policies, and enacted related legislative frameworks to regulate business and investment in our economy. During this term in oce, the FNM reviewed and amended our National Investment Policy to attract those investors who have access to new technologies, capital, processes, products, organizational and management skills, and are able to open new markets and marketing channels for Bahamian goods and services. The FNM also ne-tuned policies meant to increase The Bahamas attractiveness as a desirable location in which to establish residency and acquire second homes to ultra high- net-worth individuals. That is why successive FNM Administrations have sought to reduce bureaucratic red-tape which adds costs and slows the investment and business start-up processes.


Manifesto 2012: The FNM’s new plan

Want create site? Find Free WordPress Themes and plugins. You can find new Free Android Games and apps. In a dramatic vote in the House of Assembly in , eight parliamentary members of the Progressive Liberal Party voted no confidence in Prime Minister Sir Lynden Pindling thus initiating a series of events that led to the formation of the Free National Movement.

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