FAQ b Is it acceptable to have the i and B forms pre-filled out when traveling? I think it is perfectly acceptable, if that is your choice. I can see no potential issues. Your choice.

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Customs Declaration Form at Port of Entry? You will be given Custom Declaration from B in the flight or sea vessel or bus by the transport provider, if not, you can pick one at port of entry.

Some of the processes like I Arrival Departure Card is pretty much automated to be electronic, but customs declaration form is not fully electronic yet for all the visa types entering US. You will be required to fill out the form with all the correct details as described below and CBP officer will stamp the same and give it to you.

You will need to hand it over at the exit point after you collect your luggage. You maybe asked to show your luggage to verify the contents. So, be truthful and declare everything. You will need to fill out both front and back part of the US Customs Declaration form. Below you have a real sample from us, used and stamped by CBP office. We have below complete guide on how to fill it under the forms.

You need to fill out using capital letters to avoid confusion. Customs Declaration Form Sample U. Birth Date : Enter Your date of birth 4. If no one, say zero. If with spouse, say one. If with kids, add their number and put in total count. If you are staying in hotel, put in hotel address or if you are at your relatives place, put that address. Passport Issued by : Enter your country of citizenship, which issued your passport. Passport Number : Enter your passport number 7. Countries visited on this trip prior to U.

If your purpose is tourism or others, then put a check mark for No. I have been in close proximity of livestock :If you are from Farm and were in contact with livestock like cattle, poultry, etc. If not, it is a No check mark. Credit card or debit cards money does not matter. Declaration of Value of Goods : You need to declare how much value of items that you are bringing as visitor or resident. You need to put in approximate value of the items bringing.

This is additional details for the number 15 question on the value. You need to indicate approximate value of the goods, if you are not sure of exact value. Customs Declaration Form — Back Side.


Form 6059B Customs Declaration -French (Fillable)

Customs and Border Protection is responsible for protecting the United. Have you had bulk cash seized? Government forms for International and Domestic Airlines. The arrival declzration can also formm combined with a customs declaration, which some countries require incoming passengers to fill out separately. Customs officer will determine duty.


Form 6059B Customs Declaration - Portuguese (Fillable)



Form 6059B Customs Declaration - English (Fillable)


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