Life[ edit ] He was the grandson of Francesco Turrettini, who left his native Lucca in and settled in Geneva in Returning to his native city, he was made pastor of the Italian church there from to , of the French congregation from , and professor of theology at the University of Geneva in The Institutes uses the scholastic method to dispute a number of controversial issues. He also argued for infralapsarianism and federal theology. Of his other disputations , his most important are De Satisfactione Christi disputationes and De necessaria secessione nostra ab Ecclesia Romana et impossibili cum ea syncretismo published in

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Institutes of Elenctic Theology, vol. Dennison Jr. Translator: George Musgrave Giger Publication Date: Pages: Covering topics 1—10, this volume contains careful discussions directly related to some of the most important issues discussed in the church today. Turretin discusses theological prolegomena, including discussions like the object and genus of theology, whether theology is theoretical or practical, and the place of reason and philosophy in theological study.

Other topics include the doctrine of Scripture, with discussions of its authority, inerrancy, and canon. The work also addresses the nature and status of various Bible translations, including the Septuagint. This volume covers theology proper, the decrees of God, creation, providence, and angels. Translator: George Musgrave Giger Publication Date: Pages: Topics 11—17 are covered in this important second volume, which offers essential insights for current discussions of a biblical theology of the covenants and other controversial, but fundamental, issues like the nature of justification.

Here, Turretin takes up central issues like the nature of the law of God and its relationship to the people of God throughout redemptive history. This volume concludes with discussions of topics surrounding the application of salvation, like calling and faith, justification, and sanctification and good works.

Translator: George Musgrave Giger Publication Date: Pages: Concluding this magnum opus with topics 18—20, volume three covers the doctrine of the church and the sacraments—some of the most important but most understudied topics in theology—and eschatology, one of the most popular topics of theological study. These differences are at the heart of the controversies that divide the major Christian traditions—Roman Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants, and splinters of these larger groups. In this volume, Turretin presents a biblically faithful picture of the Church and her sacraments ordained by Christ.

Church government and ministerial offices like presbyter, bishop, and pope are discussed. Turretin also discusses very practical issues such as how a minister is called and how they should be compensated.

Discussion of the sacraments includes important issues such as the relationship between the sign of the sacrament and what it signifies, transubstantiation, the relationship of baptism to circumcision, and other important topics. His discussions of eschatology include considerations of the eternity of Hell, the nature of glorified bodies, whether there will be degrees of glory, and other important subjects.

Translator: George Musgrave Giger.


Institutes of Elenctic Theology, 3 Volumes



Institutes of Elenctic Theology (3 vols.)


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