Share The official cover for Rise of the Ogre. So place your order up front kids, this book going to be a scorcher! This stunning, full-colour hardback will be the most unique rock autobiography ever published. Gorillaz have always been as much about the visuals as they are about the music, and the autobiography will be a feast for the eyes. Featuring brand new art from and designed by Jamie Hewlett, this is the full story of Murdoc, 2-D , Noodle and Russel Hobbs for the first time. Included will be their emailing with their motley crew of collaborators, from Ike Turner to Shaun Ryder , and accounts of the gigs, the movie for the first time , the videos and the website - including the low down on Kong Studios , their legendary HQ.

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Shelves: books-reviewed , nonfiction Heres an oxymoron for you a fabricated true story. But what else could you expect from the worlds most successful virtual band? Thats right. Gorillaz doesnt actually exist.

The musicians behind them are real. But the band members themselves arent. Which is why they decided to pen a story about themselves. Which is why it was written by Cass Browne, an actual drummer for Gorillaz one of the real musicians, that is.

Ill pause now to let that sink in. In , Albarn and Hewlett created a band that poked fun at the state of pop music and remained postmodern to its core. Not to mention their major albums have gone Gold and Platinum worldwide. Vocals are provided by 2D, who sports spiky blue hair, two dents in the side of his head hence his moniker , and is missing both eyes thanks to Murdoc.

I swear. Since this was published in , the story only goes up to Phase Two, the time period of the Demon Days release and its aftermath, so nothing regarding Phase Three Plastic Beach or beyond is in here.

This especially comes through when the band sits down to discuss the tracks on their self-titled debut and Demon Days albums. For a moment, I almost forgot all of this is completely fabricated. It reads like an actual transcript albeit far stranger. And I have three words for you: Jamie…is…awesome. Okay, that was four. His style is colorful, crisp, and lively. I find myself going over every element as I get the sense there is so much going on, I might miss an important and usually comedic detail.

As a fan of Gorillaz, Rise of the Ogre was a must-read for me. Rise of the Ogre is definitely more of an art book as opposed to a book for reading. Concerning content, there are some PG to PGlevel profanities and crudities chiefly potty humor occur throughout though their usage is not excessive nor is it in a way to insult or demean anyone. British profanities are also used. Likewise, there are some depictions of weapons, such as guns, axes, knifes, etc. Some landscape renderings can be dark in tone or content such as zombies, garbage, graffiti, alcohol, etc.

Lastly, there is nothing overtly sexual but occasional crudities do pop up, including a few goofy anatomical renderings intended, again, for laughs. Granted, all this is done in a spirit of dry humor or are too cartoony to be realistic but may be deemed as crude by sensitive readers.

Meaning fewer topless chicks and not a gay koala bear in sight. Overall, Rise of the Ogre is an innovative, entertaining hybrid of art and fiction, much like the Gorillaz themselves. For die-hard fans, this book is a must. For less than enthusiastic fans, Rise of the Ogre still has something to offer in terms of a loose story and dynamic artwork.


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Rise of the Ogre


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