Samuzuru Cancel reply Enter your comment here I focused on the book, and even after I secured a job 3 months laterI still was committed to the book till I completed it in April Fadi shared a very thorough write-up of the week on his blog, The Arab Observer. New Please note, the image is haeoon illustrative purposes only, actual book cover, binding and edition may vary. People has been loving it and acknowledging it as a quality work of speculative fiction that is rare in the arab world. Few months down the line, when I signed a contract with Signal8Press to get the book in English, I knew who I should ask. Payments We currently only accept immediate payment by PayPal for all eBay orders. Notify me of new posts shirwsni email.

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At the age of 15, he went to London to pursue higher education. There he went on to receive degrees from both the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford. He was called to the bar two years later. Professor Sherwani was a scholar of Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, English, French, and Persian, and made significant contributions to the study of Deccan history.

His survey of Muslim political thought begins with the Ideal State as depicted in the Quran. He provides an insight into the working of the political minds of some of the most eminent Muslim thinkers of each era.

Alongside the author provides a running commentary about the workings of the political institutions under which they lived in order to find out whether there was any connecting link between their political ideas and the atmosphere in which they flourished.

New Delhi, India ; pages Bahmani history covers a very important part of the history of medieval India and corresponds to the period of a unified Deccan.

Pre-Bahmani medieval Deccan extended to just half century when the land was governed rather precariously by the Sultans of Delhi, while the two countries between the fall of the Bahmanis and the establishment of the Asaf jahi rule was a period of complete disunion. Perhaps the first attempt at a comprehensive history of a part of the Bahmani rule was made by Professor Sherwani in his book, Mahmud Gawan, the great Bahmani Wazir which was published in The book was exceedingly well received.

The age of Mahmud Gawan forms only a small though a glorious part of the history of Bahmani Deccan which is now being presented to the learned public. A Muslim Political Thinker of the 9th century, A.

Muhammad Ashraf,


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