Spike: Let me guess. Someone pulls out the sword The demon wakes up, and wackiness ensues. And then Dawn said we were "acute" triangle and, well And there will be nothing madcap or wacky about it.

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Shelves: not-for-the-weak-hearted , funny , own , annoying-but-still-good , frustrating , skipped-a-lot , bad-boy-ish The book was funny and I did laugh a lot, especially reading the first half. There is a lot of insults towards Or at The book was funny and I did laugh a lot, especially reading the first half. Or at least was while he was pulling those shenanigans back in a day. The word "whore" was used to describe a woman 67 times, word "slut" came in second place being mentioned 45, and a "cunt" 10 times.

Even the ones he ended up sleeping with, he called sluts and whores, to their faces. His adventures in Mexico was funny. The book had some good chapters, like the one about him being on a Deadliest Catch. Love that show. Apparently Tucker does too. The dude was fangirling about how cool the Alaskan fishermen were like a little girl, seriously. I get why though, they are a though bunch of guys. Then there was a chapter about the lawsuit, which was very well told.

Despite all the insults towards TheMissWhatherface, it was interesting and I get why it pissed him off as much as it did.

I especially loved the letter at the end of the chapter, addressed to her mother, the pagent obsessed monster. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with some mother? Even Tucked realised that the reason her daughter went for a dick like him, was because of a mother like her. I hope she read the letter. The sexting chapters were lame. Toilet humor is not my thing.

He was acting like dick frat boy. There was no timeline, the author was jumping back and forward, which annoyed me. I think he insulted every etnisity he came across. I really hope he did. Even though I sort of ended up liking this book, it did feel that with a lot of the stories, he was grasping for straws.

But here is where I give credit to the author, he knows when to end it and move on to something else. Not a lot of authors are willing to let go. I appreciated the last note. He promised it would be something different.


Tucker Max



Hilarity Ensues


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