Maushura Handling the lamp while hot can cause burns, as well as damaging the lamp. Turn hitachhi PC on, and after the PC has started up turn the projector on. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Do not place the projector outdoors.

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Act like your business depends on them Backups: Rest the eyes periodically. Abnormal operations such as smoke, strange odor, no image, no sound, excessive sound, damaged casing or elements or cables, penetration of liquids or foreign matter, etc.

Do not place the projector, the remote control and other parts in direct sunlight or near a hot object such as heater, etc. Typical Symbols This symbol indicates an additional warning including cautions.

Handling the lamp while hot can cause burns, as well as damaging the lamp. The lamp can break with a loud bang, or burn out. Dispose of in accord with environmental laws. Do not place the projector outdoors. Hitachi CP-X and Manuals However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. Never look through the lens or openings when the lamp is on. Incorrect handling of the battery could result in fire or personal injury. The display condition can differ from the display of CRT.

Be cautious of the power cord connection. About bright spots or dark spots. If liquids or foreign object should enter the projector, immediately turn off the power switch, disconnect the power plug from the power outlet and contact your dealer.

The display condition of the projector such as color, contrast, etc. If this happens, contact your local dealer or a service representative. Do not use old used lamps; this is a cause of breakage. For lamp recycling, go to www. Components by Joshua Goldman Nov 26, Lamp, LCD panels, polarizors and other optical components, and air filter and cooling fans have a different lifetime in each.

Penetration of liquids or foreign objects could result in fire or electrical shock. We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read. The air filter should be cleaned periodically. Changing the projector settings Set command 1 Send the following setting code from the PC to the projector.

Please read instruction manual of the notebook for more information. Do not touch about the lens, air fans and ventilation openings during use or immediately after use, to prevent a burn. You have a healthy — but not crazy — budget for that recipient on your list. Incorrect care could have adverse influence such as discoloration, peeling paint, etc. Be careful in handling the power cord and external connection cables. When the data length is greater than indicated by the data length code, the projector ignore the excess data code.

What Hi-Fi? Use of some of these modes will not be possible with this projector. Avoid using a loose, unsound outlet or contact failure. Magnetic Security Devices, or other projector accessory that contains magnetic material that has not been provided by the manufacture etc.

Do not attach anything other than specified options such as conversion lens to the screw thread. Do not insert liquids or foreign object. Be careful of printing of the LCD panel. Communications setting bps, 8N1 1. Disconnect the plug from the power outlet. In addition, working in high places is dangerous, so ask your local dealer to have the lamp replaced even if the bulb is hitqchi broken. This symbol indicates information that, if ignored, could result possibly in personal injury or physical damage due to incorrect handling.

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