Yaskawa Variable Speed Drives Yaskawa has over ninety years experience in the development and supply of mechatronic products. Their range of motion control products include variable speed AC inverter drives, servo drives and motion controllers. As well as designing and manufacturing products Goodwin are also a UK Yaskawa distributor allowing them to provide the most practical solutions for applications ranging from the basic to the complex Yaskawa variable speed AC inverter drives VSD. Yaskawa A Inverter drive The A AC inverter is a premium variable speed drive VSD , with next generation features, which is suitable for a wide variety of applications.

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Page 5 Failure to comply could result in death or serious injury. This product must not be modified. Do not touch any terminals before the capacitors have fully discharged. Page 6 Never short the output circuits of the drive. Do not short the output circuits of the drive.

Failure to comply could result in death or serious injury. Page 7 Tighten all terminal screws to the specified tightening torque. Loose electrical connections could result in death or serious injury by fire due to overheating of electrical connections.

Page 9 Do not modify the drive circuitry. Failure to comply could result in damage to the drive and will void warranty. Check all the wiring to ensure that all connections are correct after installing the drive and connecting other devices. Page Mechanical Installation 10 Hz to 20 Hz at 9. Page 11 Page 13 Use wires within the specification listed below. For safe wiring use solid wires or flexible wires with ferrules. The stripping length or ferrule length should be 6 mm.

Page 16 Switches analog input A1 between voltage and current input. Page Keypad Operation On: The output frequency is displayed on the data screen. Page Start Up Fine tune and set application parameters e. Final check the operation and verify the settings. Page 22 Analog input Apply the frequency reference signal to terminal A1.

Page 23 After taking the steps listed above, the drive should be ready to run the application and perform the basic functions. For details about more advanced setup refer to the technical manual. L Overload time in min. Normally no change Rated Slip Prot.

Time is necessary. This the forward and reverse input are not set alarm stops a running motor. Page 28 The drive capacity is too small. Reduce the load or increase the drive size. Page 29 Drive capacity and value set to o do not Correct the value set to o Page 33 Set parameter E motor rated current to the appropriate value to enable motor overload protection.

Page 38 E-mail: support yaskawa.


J1000 Drive



Yaskawa J1000 IP20 2.2kW/3kW 230V 3ph to 3ph AC Inverter, DBr, Unfiltered



YASKAWA J1000 CIMR-JC series Quick Start Manual



j1000 δΈ­ζ–‡ζ‰‹ε†Š


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