However, his main academic interest was history, particularly military history. At the outbreak of the Korean War , he left his studies and joined the Army. Sometime after the war, he joined the Pennsylvania State Police, rising to the rank of corporal. On May 19, , Calvin was on a police assignment when he was picked up by a "cross-time flying saucer" and carried to another timeline. Arrival in Hostigos[ edit ] Calvin found himself in another world that looked like Pennsylvania.

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Saturday, April 21, Hostile Realms wargames rules and Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen! Beam Piper, and is a great yarn. The basic premise of the series is that Calvin Morrison, a Pennsylvania State Trooper, is accidentally caught up in a paratemporal transport device, and deposited in a Pennsylvania contemporaneous but parallel to ours, radically different than here-and-now, because of the impact of events that went differently than in our own time-line, chief among them being that the great Aryan migrations went East across the Pacific land bridge rather than West into Europe and the Middle East.

In the particular sub sector that Calvin finds himself thrown into, a theocracy has developed based upon the closely held secret of Gunpowder composition and manufacture.

Calvin arrives in the beleaguered Kingdom of Hostigos , under attack by the allies of Styphon. The battle to be fought on the tabletop, The Battle of Ardros Field, is taken from the third book.

Here are some images of the new books, in order I hope! Composed of troops using a great variety of combat styles, and driven by Roxthar, Chief Investigator think the Spanish Inquisition, only worse and High Priest of Styphon, the stage is set for a battle of epic proportions. I think we had about 10 players. Here my Band of Brothers 2nd edition co-author, Ken Baggaley considers his deployment. He and his son, Brian, had the Styphoni right wing. Joe and Barry can be seen re-hydrating after the intense work of setting up the game whilst looking on as the Sacred Squares of Hos Ketmos think Spanish Tercios complete their deployment, supported by the Halberd armed Temple on the ridgeline.

View of the Right wing of the Grand Host of Styphon! Here is a long view of the table, with the Styphoni Left flank also completing final deployment. The numerous small cards seen on the table have the statistics for each unit and leader. The color of the base is the same for all units of a command group, as well as the leaders.

While a bit less scenic, these cards greatly facilitated play. The difference in scores is the number of cards that each side will be allowed to turn and act on for that phase, with the high scorer choosing to go first or second.

As a rule, the Hostigos forces tended to have better Command Group and Wing Leaders, although this was not universally true. A LD roll of 1 means no movement for that Command Group on that card. Otherwise, a difference of up to 3 means one Move segment for that command, a difference of 4, 5, 6, or 7 results in 2 move segments, and a difference of 8 or more grants 3 segments.

If a Command Group wins 2 or more segments, they can use one of them to change facing or formation, and some types like Pike Blocks and most Cavalry can use such a segment to resolve Melee hand to hand combat immediately. The Wing Leaders were permitted to re-roll for ONE of their command Groups on each card at the discretion of the player.

The battle opened with Kalvan winning the first die roll actually, I think he won almost all of the rolls the entire game. With his main strength being firepower, and the enemy being mostly out of range, he opted to let the Grand Host of Styphon GHS go first, rather than risk turning RELOAD cards that would be wasted with the enemy out of range.

The right wing, under the command of Brian and Ken Baggaley, had very good leaders and excellent LD rolls. It stepped off to the attack with alacrity, while the Sacred Squares in the center lumbered slowly forward. Although their ranks had been thinned by the earlier musketry, the Kataphractoi seemed delighted to finally have an enemy that they could actually fight. Their heavier armor and superior die rolling promptly routed the Royal Horse, and they went streaming for the rear.

Indeed, in this game each time an on paper, excellent Royal cavalry regiment charged enemy horse, it was soundly defeated. Despite the failure of their Cavalry, the continued deadly firepower and hot dice for firing lead to the Left Wing of the Hostigos army soundly defeating the forces of Styphon, the entire wing eventually retreating off the boardcafter it ran out of Morale chips and then flubbed an Army wing morale check by a large margin.

It did a moderate amount of damage to the troops within its 12 inch radius, but was not decisive. This spell represents a stratagem used by Kalvan in the book. He had selected the battlefield carefully, and dammed up a substantial stream, the water of the resultant lake being hidden behind the ridge line he occupied. At the right moment, the dam was to be blown, releasing a torrent of water, trees, rocks, and mud upon the enemy. Not a great photo, but to the left is a priest of Galzar, the War god, in his wolf headdress.

To the right is a Priest of Dralm, the All-father. Before long, they had soundly trounced the troops of Hos Hostigos, there being none of the crack Royal Infantry to hold it all together. With the victorious Hostigos left flank sweeping down upon them after the Styphoni right wing failed their Army Wing Morale check big time, the game was declared a victory for the forces of the former uptime Pennsylvania State trooper.

Beam Piper story, I would highly recommend it to you, as well as the excellent and much lengthier sequels by John Carr, himself a wargamer see Hostigos. I thought the Hostile Realms rules worked very well, especially for a game with about 70 units a side and about figures total.

Huge thanks once again to Joe and Barry for all their hard work setting up and taking down the game, as well as assisting the players with the rules.

Both of you were indispensable! Barry, who was my chief local playtester, looks up some modifiers. Broad view of the filed. This battle had so many units and leaders that the labels on the table, while not the most attractive thing in the world, were necessary to both identify the units and give their stats and command structure all leaders and units in the same command have the same color label holders.

The action is general, and Hostile Realms Combat Tables, etc For reference and those interested in the rules, here are all the key tables from the rules. Yes, there are quite a few of them, but they are quite easy to use once you play for a short while! Movement Distances in inches.

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