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KYORITSU will not accept liability for any damage or injury caused by misuse or non- compliance with the instructions or with the safety procedures. The use of other accessories is prohibited as they are unlikely to have the correct safety features. Page 5: Features 2. Page 6 Model A Multi-Function tester performs five functions in one instrument. Page 8: Specification 3. Page 9 To prevent wrong connection of test leads and to maintain safety, the dedicated terminals used for continuity and insulation tests are automatically covered when using the terminals for loop impedance and RCD tests X X 86mm Instrument dimensions g including batteries.

Page 10 is updated approximately five times per second. The continuity test circuit is protected by a 0. The insulation resistance test circuit is protected by a resistor against V AC for 10 seconds. Page Continuity resistance Tests 4. Then, the instrument switches on.

Page Insulation Tests 5. Each of the currents, and hence the total leakage current, is affected by factors such as ambient temperature, conductor temperature, humidity and the applied voltage. Page 17 Equipment disconnected All fuses in or circuit breakers closed Mains Switch off Switches closed Lamps out Reading not less than 0. This will ensure that the charge built up by the circuit or the appliance during insulation test is dissipated in the discharge circuit.

In the discharging process, an LED illuminates and the live circuit warning buzzer will sound. Page Loop Impedance Tests 6. When the tester is set to the loop test function, mains voltage is displayed as soon as the instrument is connected for test. Page 20 only be carried out after the mains supply has been connected. In many cases, any RCD in the circuit will be tripped by this test, which draws current from the phase and returns it through the earth system. The RCD will see this as the type of fault it is designed to protect against, and will trip.

This setting will be very unlikely to trip out the circuit RCD. Page Rcd Tests 7. If they are not, disconnect the tester and check the wiring for a possible fault. Page Battery Replacement 9. Remove the battery cover and the batteries.

Replace with eight 8 new 1. Page Servicing By hanging the instrument round the neck, both hands will be left free for testing.


Kewtech KEW4105A Earth Resistance Tester



Earth Testers


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