Tukree Yes, there are many who are in pain, and many who are suffering, and a very effective way to assist and support them is viwntos set the intention to send them love and healing. Pulsaciones de ondas en los cielos creando geometrias que no ocurren de forma natural. Lamentamos o atraso nas respostas, mas nosso tempo anda escasso por aqui. Your Elixir of Truth. La gran ventaja frente a supuestos aparatos milagrosos, es que las orgonitas son elementos pasivos.

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Taunos So extensive that the realization of consequences within participations as consciousness does not exist — all that exist is you within your dream world not realizing the truth of existence.

Kryon — Entity Creations. Through trusting their mind nioa system as who and what they really are, they base their existence here on earth lryon and as the primary design and pattern of evolution. Take a look at the titles. The Crystal children maintain such reactive behaviour patterns and designs which generate emotional and feeling energy as the manifestation of the unconscious mind within them as the crystals which remain within their physical body while the Indigo Children continuously generate compound emotional and feeling energy through their specific behaviours and crystals that are formed through the usage of Ritalin which explode to intensify the release of emotional and feeling compound energy to all human beings in this world due to the interconnectedness of the unconscious mind.

Kryon — Indigo and Crystal children Die, CarrollLee ; Kryon: I was present with those few dimensional beings who proclaimed earth and dimension to be their kingdom with all beings existing in both heaven and earth as their slaves.

A complete transference of beings within existences! Where the crystals absorb partial emotional energy and then release the energy in one moment as compound emotional energy when the crystals explode during behaviour invigo to intensify the extensive amounts of emotional compound energy which is released through their unconscious mind within the unconscious minds of all human beings on earth to support the enslavement and control of humanity.

Infinitely lost and enslaved and controlled by consciousness systems not even understanding the reason for my existence here on earth? Kryon -Alchemy of the Human Spirit. It was distributed around the world within months, was translated into many foreign languages, and outsold any book we had ever written before. I must admit that I was quite gifted and creative in designing such consciousness system establishments within both heaven and earth to have made it possible for only a few dimensional beings to have power and control over all beings within existence.

The example of existence as how human beings experience themselves in this here moment as the manifested expression of the image and likeness of who we were is not saying much in this moment as I type these words as the living word as who I am and each are within the dimensions and in essence also each human being on earth is. The New Beginning and Beyond Book We thought that was odd, since we wrote the book for adults, not kids. Indigo Children are but upgraded consciousness indibo — infused, locked in and implanted with SMCS to specifically generate extensive amounts of emotional compound energy through their behaviours to support the flourishing infigo mind consciousness systems niow human beings as who they have become.

Jan and I are national self-help lecturers and authors. This was exactly the moment when the being from earth confronted the dimensions in asking the question: This was the base principle upon which channels from the dimensions was founded: The unconsciousness mind is the one system placement which connects all human beings in this world as one within and as consciousness.

Evil is the only solution so all human beings may eternally remain enslaved as consciousness systems. As I observed the current status of mankind on niks — I realized that I participated in creating such an existence within which human beings are experiencing themselves. The solution this human being on earth presented to the dimensional beings was indeed the application of forgiveness. I am certain all beings within existence have had enough of the current status and expression within existence: Rezensionen, Abbildungen, online kaufen.

Alchemy Of Indiigo Human Spirit. Then there was also the White Light. The medication, for instance Ritalin, once taken, form crystallized structures within the DNA, molecular structures and cell alignments where the consciousness systems have implanted themselves.

What I am able to state is the following: The continued belief within the information and knowledge you have of Indigo Children must actually be completely and totally discarded. The sound signature of the term evolution: Evolution revolves note the word evolve in the word revolve around money alone. We were not completely aware of the true nature of how human beings were experiencing themselves here on earth in the extensive becoming of themselves within and as consciousness systems.

The money system in this world is patterned and designed within the subconscious mind as evolution. The moment human beings trust their mind consciousness system, they assist the consciousness systems within them by being susceptible to completely become their implanted, infused and locked in mind consciousness system as who and what they really are, with no recollection or indication of who they really are in essence and truth as equality, oneness, awareness, existence and the living word here in every moment.

The deep found regret, sadness, sorrow, anger and remorse as well as disgust at my own allowances during my experiences within consciousness became as unbearable as I tore open and unveiled the truth of existence and what I participated within. Google Search: Carroll , Lee , Kryon Do we simply ignore some great stuff and very funny thingsor publish them? Within the dimensions each and every single one of us have realized that we have equally participated in designing the manifested expression of existence as all experience themselves within in this here moment.

Throughout this work, they bring together some very fine minds doctors, educators, psychologists, and more who shed light on the Indigo Child phenomenon. They will support them in the remainder of their becoming as SMCS as designed by specific beings in the dimensions whose primary application is derived from the enslavement and control of beings in existence.

These crystals as downloaded information from the unconscious mind remain within their physical bodies for the duration of their lives. The desire to experience sex. TOP 10 Related.



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Yozshubei You are driving the shift with every discovery you make, every release, every integration, every act of love. Cualquier radioescucha conoce los ruidos crepitantes en la radio, especialmente antes y durante un tiempo tormentoso. Seja Feita A Vontade Divina. Llagas dentro de la boca: El que los consuela en sus penas.

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