Mais cela ne dure pas. De gros bourdons babillards formaient une escadrille qui piquait sur une fleur puis sur une autre. Mais une peur intense nouait les ventres. Le malaise se propageait. Ces sensations prolongeront son insomnie. Trois ans.

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Insulaire et cie, Perennes title means "Perennials" , If you are silent, you die. So, speak and die! The author, whose first name means "pure one," dedicated his writing and life to human rights. Djaout was born into a poor Berber family in the seaside town of Azeffoun in , early in the Algerian nationalist movement.

He entered the University of Algiers as a mathematics student, and continued his interests in poetry, which he had begun writing as a teenager. He earned a graduate degree in journalism and communications from the University of Paris II.

He wrote several collections and edited an anthology of young Algerian poets, Les Mots migrateurs. The title represents the freedom and creativity of childhood and independence. Djaout and his generation of writers represented hope and revolution for Algeria, and its quest for independence from French colonizers. Despite his burgeoning career as a journalist and his international reputation as a novelist, his real love was poetry.

There, Djaout could succinctly express such stunning realities as, "There are cities where it is horrible to be twenty," from his early poem "Birthday. At the same time he was also writing for French and U. Eight years of war, after which the French departed, had left his country in disarray: more than two million Algerians had been left homeless, and the French regime left the Algerians with few professionals or skilled laborers.

There was also infighting among the revolutionary leaders, a coup, and fundamentalist rioting against the one-party government.

The Islamic Salvation Front FIS , whose aim was to change Algeria into an Islamic state, gained significantly in municipal and general elections in the early s. After violent demonstrations, the government outlawed the FIS, further arousing its more militant supporters. They began a campaign of terror which included assassinations of intellectuals, politicians, artists, military officials, and journalists—including Djaout.

On May 26, , Djaout was shot in the head three times en route to work at the newspaper Ruptures, which he had founded that January. He died without regaining consciousness on June 2. David K. Although Algerian-based, this statement may just as well be made for most places on earth. Djaout contrasts the younger generation, which must fight over its remains i.

Djaout, through his characters, reveals his sentiments about religion and its place in society. But the bureaucracy bogs him down with suspicion and petty concerns. In the face of international acclaim, the government decides it needs a scapegoat for its inaction. It tells a nondescript citizen he must "disappear. He loses his friends, family, and his beloved bookshop, which the state takes over.

Often prophetic in his fiction, Djaout, in his final novel, "sounds a warning," wrote James Schiff in Book, "about what can happen when religious fundamentalism proliferates. James Press Detroit, MI , World Literature Today, winter, , J.





Tahar Djaout, Les Vigiles


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