The author being a Laveyite overall makes this book better I think, but on some levels hurts it because while he really goes out of his way The title is somewhat deceptive because while the "Satanic" influence in music is the bulk of this book, its more like Satanism in pop culture and the author trying to set the record straight on what he considers Satanism to be, which is Laveyism. In all fairness although Lavey was a poser and a con artist he did write some stuff that is dead on about human nature and Christianity. He also had a sense of humor. I remember that Geraldo special being a real hoot. Lavey must have thought that was hilarious.

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Apr 29, S. Now, this is not even a rumour made up by the Norwegian media, and in fact this is the first time I hear anybody say this. Personally, I was left with the impression that Baddeley wanted to distance himself from the more extreme adherents of Satanism e. In the intervening years much had happened. Maybe Lucifre expect too much, but overall this was a great dis I found this book quite a pulpy, leaden mess.

Lucifer Rising Gavin Baddeley The book covers both the recent and ancient history of Satanismand provides an examination of modern Satanist culture.

Second half is a bit heavy on interviews with nobodies, but good overall. An interesting look into a not widely known about subculture. Lucifer Rising Articles with topics of unclear notability from December All lucifre with topics of unclear notability Book articles with topics of unclear notability Articles lacking sources from December All articles lacking sources Articles with multiple maintenance issues All stub articles.

May 19, Jamie rated it really liked it. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Do not reproduce, respect the copyrights.

I will defend virtually every belief system, but not this one. The book s third part looks at the new waves of Thrash Metal, Death Metal, and the Scandinavian Black Metal scene; the murder case surrounding the band Burzum; the neo-Nazi element; and the religious right s courtroom pursuit of heavy metal.

Therefore my surprise is big when I come to page and see an interview with me. I lucifef the funniest was there was a guy from a black metal band who when asked what he hates he said the Red Cross because they help people.



Some take the pejorative view that it exists merely to offend, but others see in it the desire to create a counter-narrative or opposing philosophy to modern society itself. Gavin Baddeley, a journalist who covers rock and populist metal alongside occult topics, delves into this project with a book that is both flawed and highly informative. Like a high school text, it begins with a history of Satanism and the occult with a focus on biographical fact and salacious detail more than philosophy. This gives us a vague view of Satanism that keeps the mystery alive, and nudges us toward the LaVeyian view. But we did have an innate interest in the dark side of life. It was a protest, revolt thing — we knew it would upset people one way or another. If you look at it today, it all seems so very innocent.


Lucifer Rising: Sin, Devil Worship, and Rock'n'Roll




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