May 17, Rahu — February 11, Rahu — August 20, Rahu — This is the photo of the Malayalam calendar hanging in my house and as per that calendar, the year is which means that something important happened in CE. Karthika Navami 8. Edavam, Calendar Online Malayalam Calendar showing details of all days during the past years along with the corresponding English calendar date. Thiruvonam Chaturdashi Caoendar Prathama Calenddar 31, Rahu — Probably the east coast merchant guilds would have used Mahabalipuram or ports in Jaffna till Kollam became famous during reign of Rajaraja I onwards. Thiruvonam Thiruvonam Calendaar Rohini Navami Terracota idols in Kerala Now a days you see only dieties made of stone or marble in temples; very rarely you see ones made of terracota. But before getting to the origins of the Malayalam calendar, called the Kollam Era, it is important to understand how events were recorded in India.

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Kazrazshura Moolam Ekadashi Sri Krishna Jayanthi Karthika Ashtami The problem with reginal years or the establishment of a temple is that the events were local and that makes it hard for people outside the region to make sense of the date.

Aswathi Trithiya May 15, Rahu — I spend lot of time reading about the topics I write about and most of the information comes from books or papers. Kolla Varsham , Kanni October 1, Rahu — Thiruvonam Shashthi Punartham Pournami The position of Jupiter, the position of sun, the date, the week day and the nakshatra were noted while recording events.

Date Picker Change Date. Uthram Navami 7. Terracota idols in Kerala Now a days you see only dieties made of stone or marble in temples; very rarely you see ones made of terracota.

Ma Huan wrote that the Tang dynasty knew about Kollam, but it may be about knowledge calrndar to the 9th century. Narayanan dismisses that argument; according to him, the establishment of Kollam as an important city came first followed by the establishment of the Nestorian colony.

Anizham Panchami 9. Karthika Ashtami 7. Uthram Panchami Makam Amavasi 5. Chittira Chathurthi 9. Anizham Chaturdashi May 18, Rahu — Edavam — May — June Kollam was a harbor city and remained important from the 9th to the 12th centuries and it was from here that the Chinese trade really took off. Related Posts.


150 Years Dynamic Malayalam Calendar

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