I want to share something with you. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin. During the summer of my bestie and I were preparing to go to university.

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I want to share something with you. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin. During the summer of my bestie and I were preparing to go to university. When it was time to move into our halls we had to hire read: my dad did a rental van to take our stuff - on account of my friend being entirely impractical and insisting on taking all of her shit.

So, on the weekend of said I want to share something with you. I halted momentarily in my haste to rush over and say hello when I caught sight of the man he was talking to. He was much taller than me, lean muscled, with hair that refused to behave and rebelled against product by continuously flopping right onto his forehead despite his many frustrated attempts to brush his hair back with his hand.

To complete this look he was wearing the sexiest pair of geek glasses you could ever wish to see. I was an instantly smitten kitten. When I finally reached them the beautiful stranger turned his face in my direction.

This is my friend James. James this is--" "What the fuck happened to you? Then I immediately went into full-on self defence mode. My skin had blistered all along my left arm and was oozing pus and it really was gross. But I had my pride and my pride took over and I said, "Hey!

For all you know I could have some deadly disease! I have no idea why. By now an intense stare down had commenced between myself and James, the man who was originally my beautiful stranger.

I did a little victory jig when he looked away first and then went about the business of moving in, all the while internally warring with myself about how I could find such a fucking fucker so attractive.

That was the first time I met James. We saw each other intermittently during the following year we attended different universities. Always verbally sparring. Outwardly I acted as though he was a pain in the arse.

Inwardly I secretly loved those moments we shared. For our second year at university my friend and I left the halls and moved into a house with 2 other people. Without realising it at the time this was going to be the beginning of things changing between James and I. It was in my new dwellings I discovered Call of Duty. I spent many hours playing this. Honing my skills. Knowing that one day it would be useful. And I was right. Somehow James found out about my new favourite thing and we began playing against each other online.

It was here my COD mad skillz were made known. They were made known by my uncanny ability to kill James with a head shot nearly every. Weirdly this kept making him mad which amused me no end. In order for him to complain at the injustice of it all we began to speak on the phone. This was the start of us becoming best friends. The following three years were spent playing COD regularly, seeing each other when possible but still speaking every day.

I learned all his secrets and he learned mine. In when I graduated university I moved back to London. For the most part I was in heaven with this. But I was internally warring with myself again when the realisation struck me that my feelings were beginning to change. Not willing to risk our friendship I said nothing. Not for once believing that this amazing man could ever feel the same about me. Every time he went out on dates with other women I swear a little bit of me died.

I tried going on dates myself but they were always unmitigated disasters due to the fact my heart had already made up its mind and decided it wanted James. December Two weeks before Christmas and I was sick with flu. For the first time in four days I managed to leave my bed but made it no further than my sofa.

James had declared himself my chief nurse during this time. Staying with me, taking care of me, and, knowing how much it mattered to me, making sure my cats were also taken care of. During an early episode of the the third series I started feeling a sense of foreboding that something bad was going to happen to my beloved Stringer Bell.

Because that look on his face. That fucking look. It said everything. I responded in the only way I knew how. I later learned his initial reaction to me was that of shock at seeing me in the flesh that day, as he had no clue I would be there.

Apparently, a few months before, he had seen a picture of me and told me that looking at it made him feel funny things. The good kind. Let me tell you. A large part of that is to do with this letter that Captain Wentworth writes to Anne:.


Persuasione di Jane Austen: tutto sul romanzo

Si innamorano velocemente e profondamente. Quando Frederick chiede Anne in sposa, lei lo rifiuta. Il caso vuole che la sorella di Frederick ed il marito, i Croft, diventino i nuovi affittuari di Kellynch. Ad Anne si presenta una nuova occasione di rivederlo, e si rende conto dopotutto, di non essere la sola con il cuore spezzato. Il padre e la sorella non ascoltano i suoi consigli e la sorella Mary la obbliga a farle da dama da compagnia, quando viene assalita dalle sue ipocondrie. Vive con il rimpianto di aver rifiutato il suo unico e vero amore, per compiacere gli altri. Sono molto simili caratterialmente anche se Anne paga a caro prezzo il fatto di non aver un temperamento forte e deciso e condividono gli stessi interessi, anche se quando si incontrano di nuovo, sono obbligati a comportarsi come due estranei.


Persuasione (romanzo)

Genesi del titolo[ modifica modifica wikitesto ] Il titolo del romanzo si riferisce alla persuasione che ha subito Anne Elliot nel rifiutare il Capitano Wentworth e a quella che gli altri personaggi del romanzo subiscono o rifiutano di subire. Otto anni prima Anne era stata persuasa da Lady Russell, la migliore amica di sua madre, a rompere il fidanzamento con il Capitano Frederick Wentworth, che lei amava profondamente, e da cui era ricambiata. Tutti i Musgrove, compresi Mary, suo marito Charles e le sue due sorelle Louisa e Henrietta, sono felici di avere i Croft e Frederick a ravvivare il vicinato. Tutte le persone che le erano vicine si fanno prendere dal panico e la danno per morta, ma interviene Anne che, con prontezza di spirito, fa chiamare un medico. Nel frattempo Sir Walter, Elizabeth e Mrs. Qui incontrano il cugino ed erede di Sir Walter, William Elliot, che cerca di riprendere i rapporti con la famiglia del baronetto, bruscamente interrotti anni prima a causa del proprio matrimonio con una donna socialmente inferiore, seppur molto ricca.


persuasion ( 2007 ) part 1

Clay si trasferiscono insieme a Londra. Elizabeth Elliot: figlia di Sir Walter Elliot alla morte della madre eredita la gestione della casa diventandone di fatto la padrona. William Elliot: cugino ed erede di Sir Walter Elliot, dopo un lungo allontanamento dalla famiglia a causa del matrimonio contratto con una donna ricca ma di ceto inferiore cerca di riallacciare i rapporti con Sir Elliot e le figlie provando a corteggiare Anne. Smith: ex compagna di collegio di Anne mette in guardia la protagonista sul comportamento di William Elliot.

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