Start your review of The Evelyn Wood Seven-Day Speed Reading and Learning Program Write a review Jun 13, Grace rated it really liked it I have always considered myself to be a slow reader and have always wanted to improve my speed. Because I did not want to spend a lot of money taking the actual class, I decided to give this book a try. Although I cannot read with the speed that others have attained by taking the class, I have to admit that this book has allowed me to increase my speed somewhat. I have always considered myself to be a slow reader and have always wanted to improve my speed. This book describes how to prepare yourself for reading, make your environment conducive to reading, and use hand movements to aid in gaining speed, as well as other techniques.

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In our rapidly changing and information-driven society, the ability to learn quickly is the single most important skill. Anyone Can Develop Super-Learning SkillsThis course is about improving your ability to learn new skills or information quickly and effectively.

We go far beyond the kinds of "speed reading" or glorified skimming you may have been exposed to, diving into the actual cognitive and neurological factors that make learning easier and more successful.

The sad irony is that in order to properly learn things like speed reading skills and memory techniques in the past, you had to read dozens of books and psychological journals to decode the science behind it. Or, you had to hire an expensive private tutor who specializes in SuperLearning. And it changed my life. Fortunately, my co-authors experts and innovators in the fields of superlearning, memory improvement, and speed reading agreed to help me transform their materials into the first ever digital course.

Over 25, satisfied students later, we have transformed our course into a book you can enjoy anywhere. Our teaching methodology relies heavily on at-home exercises. You will be practicing various exercises and assignments on a regular basis over the course a 7 week schedule. In addition to the lectures, there are hours of supplemental video and articles which are considered part of the curriculum. An awesome read that will push the limits of your brain.


Evelyn Wood (teacher)

She received a B. She spent the next two years observing individuals that, according to her assessments, read thousands of words per minute. Kennedy elevated speed-reading to a craze, or, as some saw it, a job requirement. The Woods returned to Salt Lake City to run the franchise.


The Evelyn Wood Seven-Day Speed Reading and Learning Program


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