Como todo el mundo sabe, no es lo mismo valor que precio. El valor es algo subjetivo y no cuantificable. Es la cantidad que te piden, en este caso por hacerte una TAC. El precio es nulo. Nadie paga nada por hacerse una TAC.

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Computed tomography showed a pattern inconsistent with usual interstitial pneumonia Fig. All the cases had been previously studied with high-resolution computed tomography HRCT. Palabras clave: headache; intracranial hypertension; mengioma; intracranial tumors; computed axial tomography CAT. Computed axial tomography has a high accuracy rate, but ultrasound precision is not as high in these cases. This procedure is also called computed tomography, computerized tomography, or computerized axial tomography.

Your veterinarian will also need to determine whether there is evidence of Rocky Mountain spotted fever. A thyroid test will be performed, and some x-rays may be required, as well as a computerized axial tomography CAT scan. Bone series, abdominal ultrasound, and computed tomography revealed no signs of bone or visceral involvement.

Multislice computed tomography has a high sensitivity and specificity due to the reconstructions enabled by it. High-resolution computed tomography with axial A and coronal B reconstructions shows bilateral ground-glass opacities. You then have what is called a "simulation" using either conventional radiographs x-rays or a computed tomography CT scan.

Also during follow-up examinations, a patient may undergo computed tomography CT or magnetic resonance imaging MRI. Computed axial tomography showed consolidation in the left upper lobe, areas of cavitation with irregular walls Fig. This fibrosing alveolitis can be detected by means of lung function tests and high-resolution computed tomography HRCT. These findings were confirmed through magnetic resonance enterography and computerized axial tomography , which identified various polypoid lesions in the jejunum that were acting as the head of the intussusception of a bowel segment fig.

Further imaging may include a computerized axial tomography CAT scan using a dye injection that will provide a visual point of reference as it travels through the system to reveal more accurately any blockages or obstructions.

Helicoidal computerized axial tomography CAT showed a repletion defect in the left pulmonary artery that continued through the inferior lobar arteries and lingularly from the thrombus Figure 1.

He was extubated 10 days later, and transferred to our ICU in Lima. On arrival, his bilateral empyema persisted, so a computed tomography was performed with oral contrast medium, showing esophageal perforation Fig.

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