Shelves: favorites I believe books can do magic. They can hypnotize you, they can make you laugh, they can even break your heart or they can take you to a journey you may have never dreamt of! Yeah, books are magic! And this book of Totto chan is the greatest magic I have come across recently. I dont think only five stars can truly express my feelings for this book!

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The school was in the railroad cars for classrooms and run by a good head teacher who was a firm believer in freedom of expression and activity.

This book depicts the childhood activities of Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, the author of this book, whose childhood nickname is Totto Chan and translated by Dorothy Britton. Finally, her mother found a school after searching and took her to the school- Tomoe Gakuen, where the little girl Totto-Chan impressed the head-master through her talking which stunned to her mother.

The school has only fifty students in total and the classrooms were conducted in disused train cars. The headmaster meant to it was balanced food which necessary for children, but the children only concerned about to fulfilled the two requirements. This relates to the everyday knowledge which children can think on it and learn what is necessary for a good health.

Kobayachi, the headmaster believed in experimental learning, even he asked the parents of the children send their kids with their worst clothes to school. Lessons at Tomoe: In that school, Tomoe, children enjoyed lot of freedom in the sense that they were free to do anything as their wish.

The head teacher had trust on students; there they were engaged in such adventurous tasks like climbing trees, play freely or stay in class to finish a science experiment during recess. Students were getting space for doing or playing as their wish in which teachers guided them and help them how to do it, so their confidence enhanced through it.

Then she would say, "Now, start with any of these you like. I think, it is a best way for teachers to know their students in a better way means to understand their interested field and teach accordingly p. Many activities based learnings were taught by the headmaster that really seemed impossible in practical, but it was.

Adventures on the school grounds This is very surprising and interesting activity in that school. Totto Chan began her adventurous learning at Tomoe like she had a tree in the ground- which every child understood that tree is their private property, if anyone wanted to climb their tree must seek permission.

So, one day she invited her friend Yasuaki-Chan to her tree because she knew that Yasuaki had had polio and could not climb. But Totto-Chan decided that Yasuaki deserved to see the world from the I do not remember exactly how many times I have read the book "Totto-chan - a little girl sitting by the window".

It is a diary of the author named Tetsuko Kuroyanagi who also has a lovely nickname Totto-chan. The word "diary" maybe not as exact as the one "memoirs" because she worte this book base on her memory since she was a child. I call her Totto-chan it is much easier than reading her full name. Reading this book makes me admire her a lot although at that time she was only a little girl. If you read this book I bet you will be surprised a lot because of her thought and behaviour.

How simple and mature included immature she is. Let have a read and see the way she treated everyone around her, the way she faced and reflected all the events in that period. Everything was described with the simple words like a story of a primary-girl, but they are very attractive and you can easily image the whole picture of Japan at that time. Totto-chan was an active and clever child. She could spend several hours to tell her favorite stories or to play anything she loved to.

Totto-chan was expelled from her first primary school because she always made noise to be paid attention, she liked to do everything


Totto-chan: The Little Girl at the Window

Background[ edit ] After hearing about how children were refusing to attend school, Tetsuko decided to write about her experience attending Tomoe Gakuen. The articles were then collected into a book, which made Japanese publishing history by selling more than 5 million before the end of , which made the book break all previous publishing records and become the bestselling book in Japanese history. Her mother realizes that Totto-chan needs a school where more freedom of expression is permitted. Thus, she takes Totto-chan to meet the headmaster of the new school, Mr. Kobayashi, where the two establish a friendly teacher-student relationship. The book describes the friends Totto-chan makes, the lessons she learns, and the vibrant atmosphere she enjoys at Tomoe Gakuen.


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Book Review of Totto-Chan: The Little Girl at the Window


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