Prescribed in para d 1. One method which has proven effective is to: Detailed procedures regarding ofrm for usarec form can be found in AR usardc, paragraph and figure The documents that need to be loaded in RFMIS-RD are the completed housing application, the signed statement of understanding, assignment and pinpoint orders, and usardc copy of MapQuest or other acceptable documentation signifying the distance of the duty station from hsarec nearest military installation. For the purpose of this paragraph, mission applies to the maintenance of general office usarec form to process applicants and voter registration. A copy of the certified daily worksheet for meals and lodging will be forwarded within 10 days or by the 15th of the month to the HQ USAREC meals and lodging cardholder for review, approval, reconciliation, and certification for payment of the monthly meals and lodging bills. This includes EZ passes, mounting devices for cell phones and global positioning systems, or any other temporary mounting device, as these give an indication that valuable items may be stored in the vehicle. Letter of Purpose and Intent.

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Dec 15, Integrated Logistics Support. Presentation of safety awards in accordance with AR , AR This regulation establishes policy, procedures, and guidance relative to logistics management activities throughout the U. Army Recruiting Command. Proponent and exception authority. The proponent has the authority to approve exceptions to this regulation that are consistent with controlling law and regulation.

Proponent may delegate the approval authority, in writing, to a division chief within the proponent agency in the grade of GS or the equivalent in the National Security Personnel System.

This regulation applies to all military and civilian members of the command. Failure to comply with the provi- Army management control process.

Supplementation of this regulation is prohibited. Suggested improvements. This publication is available in electronic media only and is intended for command distribution level A. References, page 42 B.

Inspection Rating Standards, page 49 E. Station Facilities Management, page 52 F. Purpose This regulation: a. Provides authority and prescribes policy for providing logistics management in the U. References For required and related publications and prescribed and referenced forms see appendix A. Explanation of abbreviations and terms Abbreviations and special terms used in this regulation are explained in the glossary.

Prescribe policy, staff direction, and guidance on all aspects of logistics management. Ensure appropriate actions are taken to maintain an effective logistics management system for USAREC while ensuring that the values, professionalism, and character of the Army is upheld. Chapter 2 Management of Government-Owned Vehicles Purpose This chapter prescribes policies, responsibilities, and procedures for the administration, use, maintenance, and management of government-owned vehicles GOVs assigned to all elements of USAREC.

Policies and responsibilities a. Basic policies concerning the administration and operation of vehicles are found in AR , chapter 2. These responsibilities include: 1 Providing policy and guidelines concerning the operation, maintenance, and reporting of vehicle assets.

Brigade and battalion commanders are responsible for: 1 Maximizing the efficiency and economy of vehicle operations, as well as maintenance and administration, by means of inspections and evaluations of current concepts, principles, and procedures.

Individual operator responsibilities are described throughout this regulation and AR Authorizations a. Authorizations for GOVs will be limited to the minimum needed to provide essential motor vehicle transportation services under normal conditions. Congress controls type of vehicle authorizations.

Use of GOVs a. Determining whether any particular use satisfies the official purpose requirement is a decision to be made within the bounds of applicable laws and regulations. Important factors for the commander to consider are: 1 Whether the proposed use of the GOV is essential to the successful completion of a DA function, action, or operation within USAREC when engaged in field recruiting work. All users of GOVs will comply with applicable laws and regulations including Federal, state, and local.

In order to minimize misuse of vehicles by command personnel, restrictions are: 1 Vehicles will not be provided when the justification is based solely on reasons of rank, position, prestige, or personal convenience. For example, vehicles will not be used to transport personnel or pick up or deliver any items or supplies that are required for any unofficial functions or activities such as office coffee funds, office luncheons, etcetera. An example is: The military member drives the GOV to a recruiting station RS other than their place of duty in close proximity to their private residence.

This is strictly forbidden. The unauthorized or willful misuse of a GOV will be cause for disciplinary action as follows: a Civilian personnel. Any employee of the Government who willfully uses or authorizes the use of any GOV except for official purpose as authorized by 31 USC or otherwise violates same shall be suspended from duty, without compensation, for not less than 1 month and shall be suspended for a longer period or summarily removed from office if circumstances warrant under Section b , Title 31, United States Code 31 USC b.

Military personnel who willfully use or authorize the use of any GOV except for official purposes as authorized by 31 USC will be disciplined under the provisions of the Uniform Code of Military Justice UCMJ or other administrative action, as deemed appropriate. The statute provides for a fine or imprisonment for up to 10 years or both.

Commanders are directed to establish an audit trail to document the specific circumstances of each request. Maintain strict administrative control for overnight assignment of GOVs.

The vehicle is driven by a government employee who is acting in his or her capacity as a government employee; possesses a required, valid, and current license to operate a vehicle; and has attended an accident avoidance course AAC.

DA Form Parental Permission is required when accepting volunteer services from unmarried family members under age These forms should be signed by the battalion commander as the accepting official or by the company commander when written delegation is given by the battalion commander.

Domicile-to-duty a. This approval must be renewed every 2 years. DTD is only authorized for brigade, battalion, and company commanders; command sergeants major; first sergeants; master trainers; company operations and training noncommissioned officers; and field recruiters. It is permissible to allow contract recruiters to use DTD only if such transportation is for official purposes.

The approving authority for DTD is as follows: 1 Deputy commanding officers for brigade commanders. Battalion commanders may delegate this authority, in writing, to the executive officer XO or a company commander. Blanket authority for DTD will not be issued. A commander authorizing DTD will publish written instructions relative to operator responsibility, vehicle security, and other guidelines regarding the geographical area of operations.

DTD will not be extended to an individual solely for the purpose of commuting. The operator must be in uniform when operating a GOV. However, commanders may grant exceptions. This program is subject to review by the U. Army Audit Agency and will be a matter of inquiry during the course of inspections by the Inspector General IG and others. Commanders are advised of the necessity for continuous emphasis and followup to ensure compliance.

This form will be retained for 3 years from the end of the calendar year. Brigade and battalion commanders should consider mission requirements, transportation availability, and cost effectiveness. Recruiters and civilians may be allowed to use a GOV to travel to a TDY location provided the following is met: 1 Personnel are in receipt of valid TDY orders to assist in mission performance. The following applies: 1 There is no additional cost to the Government.

Blanket approvals will not be granted. In cases of recruiters who are required to continually perform duties at a TDY station for extended periods, the use of a GOV for such travel is allowable on a case-by-case basis, and must be approved by the brigade commander. Driving after consumption of intoxicating beverage or substance a. No person who has consumed an intoxicating beverage or controlled substance within the previous 8 hours shall operate a GOV.

Note: This includes vehicles rented or leased at government expense. Positive urinalysis for drugs. In rare cases, the company commander may restore GOV driving privileges for the limited purpose of enabling Soldiers to attend Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Program counseling.

This authority should only be used where, because of time or distance factors, it is not feasible to provide a government driver. Under no circumstances should the Soldier be permitted to drive prospects, applicants, Future Soldiers, or other third parties.

Prohibited items a. The possession, use, or distribution of intoxicating beverages or controlled substances is prohibited in a GOV. While operating a GOV the driver is prohibited from eating or drinking. Smoking or any other use of tobacco products in a GOV is prohibited. Weapons are prohibited under the following circumstances: 1 The possession or use of firearms and ammunition are prohibited in any GOV. Prohibited weapons in a GOV include, but are not limited to, any firearm or replicas whether functional or not, knives other than a common pocketknife, switchblades, blackjacks, nunchakus, martial arts weapons of any kind, and explosive or incendiary devices other than highway flares.

The brigade commander will coordinate with the brigade judge advocate to ensure compliance with applicable state law. Note: The approval may be in the form of an e-mail. Privately-owned citizens band radios, cellular telephones, and radar detectors will not be used in GOVs.

Only government cellular telephones authorized by Headquarters, U. Use of such cellular telephones will not be employed by the driver while the vehicle is in motion to include the use of hands-free kits in accordance with CG Policy Letter H GSA credit cards and petroleum, oils, and lubricants a.

GSA uses a commercial purchase card for fuel and some maintenance and repair services. This card, your U. Government Fleet Services Card, is assigned by the fleet management center FMC to a specific vehicle and should only be used for that vehicle. All purchases of batteries and tires must be approved by the MCC. An emergency is defined as a mandatory repair or towing services requiring preauthorization when the MCC is closed.

All credit card purchases must relate directly to your vehicle and will not be used for purchase of personal items. Unauthorized card purchases may subject the user to criminal prosecution or other disciplinary action. GSA will pay for exterior washing only. It is the responsibility of the operator to maintain the interior of the vehicle. Detailing of any kind is not authorized. Any unauthorized purchases will be billed back to the billing office address code BOAC the vehicle is assigned to.


USAREC Reg 700-5





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