Unlike a character LCD which can only display alphanumeric characters, a graphical LCD can display images, fonts and other structures. In comparison with character LCD, it can display anything on the screen provided by the user. Character LCD only displays the alphanumerical characters. The user can create images, fonts and other structures and display on them. KS is a dot matrix display controller from Samsung with 64 channel output. To generate timing signals for these two controllers, there is a common driver KS

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In this article, we are discussing the implementation of different instructions. Instructions in KS Controllers KS controllers have seven instructions, they are given in the following table. The enable pin works as a clock for the GLCD. During write instructions, after setting each pin of the corresponding value, enable pin must be applied with a high to low pulse. The data will be latched at the falling edge of the E.

For reading instructions, data appears while E is at a high level. Always give a delay of more than Ecycle refer datasheet of the KS between each instruction and also consider other timing parameters like delay time, rise time and setup time.

Refer the timing diagram of write and read cycles in the datasheet. Another important thing to consider is, most instructions are write instructions and some are in reading mode.

So we will need to set the microcontroller port direction accordingly. Embedded C course is free with this course for a short period of time Learn more about the course Write Command Below is the write timing diagram of the KS controller. In the diagram, most important characteristics are illustrated.

There are other characteristics like rise time, fall time and address hold time. They are not included in the firmware because they are either covered by other characteristics or they are not that significant. Please refer the KS datasheet for finding out the maximum, minimum and typical values of the timing parameters.

Using the above timing diagram, we can create a common function to write command or data. Firmware for write command.


KS0108 Based Graphic LCD Interfacing with PIC18F4550 – Part 2



Graphic LCD Library


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