For the wedding, Johnny has arrived with his men, among them Aidan and Cathal. Though he seems lovely and I can imagine a happy ending for them, I just wish that Clodagh had more gumption!! I find that extremely plausible. Jul 05, Lata rated it liked it Shelves: We see her growth both during times of magic, but also during times of difficulty in everyday life.

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Clodagh, one of the six daughters of Lord Sean of Sevenwaters, finds that a shadow has been cast over her family. Her mother, past the safe age for childbearing, is heavily pregnant.

Unease pulls at her mind and her heart, driving even the happier memories from her thoughts. Advertisement: When the unthinkable happens and her baby brother is taken, Clodagh knows that she is the only one who can bring him back. She undertakes a perilous journey to the Otherworld, a once friendly place to her family that has been corrupted by a malevolent influence. Her courage is tested to the breaking point, but along the way she discovers that the reward may be far greater than she imagined.

Silly Mac Dara, fire cannot stop true love! Or your silly verses! Blood Brothers : Aidan and Cathal are extremely close, having been raised in the same household. Of course, this also leads to them becoming Bash Brothers. Clodagh must journey into the Land of Faerie to switch them back. Fiery Redhead : Clodagh and Deirdre.

Just shocked. Heir Club for Men : Among the stresses on Lord Sean is that he has six daughters, none of whom can inherit of course, and no sons, forcing him to rely on his nephew Johnny, who has no interest in marrying or fathering sons of his own.

He immediately refuses, preferring to hide himself on Inis Eala, even though he knows that others are counting on him to return and save them. For different reasons, of course. Love at First Sight : Illann falls for Deirdre instantly. He had the personality of a rock in the beginning. A number of people on Inis Eala were probably happy to see the change when he got back. Multigenerational Household : This is almost a Sevenwaters staple. Parental Abandonment : Twofold for Cathal. Or so he thinks.

Plant Person : Becan and his mother. Sibling Yin-Yang : Clodagh and Deirdre may be twins, but they seem to have very different mindsets. Yet their bond seems to be the strongest among the siblings in Sevenwaters. Must be a twin thing. Mac Dara looks a lot like his son, which leads to some fairly tense moments. Took a Level in Badass : Clodagh starts off as a normal child, interested in household duties and taking care of her family. She then journeys to the Otherworld, bargains with a multitude of powerful and magical creatures, saves her brother, then goes back to the Otherworld to save Cathal.

The two of them then proceed to trick Mac Dara, the king of tricks and lies. He clearly missed her company. Twin Telepathy : Clodagh and Deirdre can communicate with their minds.

A million readers sighed with happiness at that moment.


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Plot summary[ edit ] Set mainly in ancient Ireland, the series covers four generations in the family of Sevenwaters, which enjoys a special relationship with the people of the Otherworld. As well as battles between the Irish Celts and the Britons , internal conflicts between neighbouring landholders are integral to the plots. However, all six books carry a strong romance element. All the books are narrated in the first person by young women of the family. They have been turned into swans and can only be returned to their true forms if she creates a shirt for each brother with her own hands - and she must remain completely mute until the task is finished. Living in hiding, Sorcha must avoid discovery, survive off the land, and toil night and day to complete her task without the benefit of any tools of the trade, using only what the forest around her can provide--all while keeping silent and bearing unfathomable loneliness. Terrible events hinder her progress and eventually take her further and further away from her home.


Heir to Sevenwaters



Books similar to Heir to Sevenwaters (Sevenwaters, #4)



Heir to Sevenwaters


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