Shelves: reviewed , two-stars , fantasy , romance , books-i-own , target-age-group-teens , female-protagonist Plot Origins, as one might guess from the title, is a story that visits a previous time before the time of Morgan. Its about Morgans evil ancestor, Rose, and the origin of the dark wave. Or, it should have been. Instead the book was basically Morgan-esque drama set in the s in Scotland, with Rose instead of Morgan, though there isnt much difference between the two. The part about the dark wave only takes up maybe two short chapters. While it is interesting to go into the background of Plot Origins, as one might guess from the title, is a story that visits a previous time before the time of Morgan.

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Ebook maker: TheLiz 1. They knew I was closing in on them. I was too cautious, too worried about proving the case against them beyond all doubt, and so I left it too long. Maybe I can find some clue, something to tell me where she went or what her group is planning. Damn, damn, damn! Together we stared at the flames that leapt hungrily up from the pool house and cast a smoky pall over the stark November moon. Somewhere in the inferno there was a crash as a section of the roof caved in.

A fountain of white-hot sparks flew skyward. Robbie shook his head. Though it was the last night of November and snow lay inches deep on the ground, the night air felt hot and dry as I gulped in a deep breath. Then I doubled over, coughing. It hurt just to breathe. My throat was raw and my chest ached and every cell in my body craved oxygen. He tucked an arm under my elbow, supporting me. I shuddered. Trapped by Cal Blaire, my boyfriend. My eyes, already stinging from the smoke, blurred again with tears.

Charismatic, confident, inhumanly beautiful, Cal had woken something that had been sleeping inside me for sixteen years. It was Cal who had first loved me, as no boy ever had. It was Cal who had shown me how love and magick could twine together until it seemed that all the energy in the universe was enfolding me, streaming through me, there for the taking. I shook my head. You inhaled a lot of smoke. The first of the fire trucks was turning into the curved gravel driveway in front of the big house where Cal and his mother, Selene Belltower, lived.

Too many awkward questions. Stopping a few yards from the house, she held up her hands. I watched, puzzled, as she moved her fingers in a complicated dance in the air. Page Sweep book 5 Awakening. No exclaiming over what had happened. No expressions of shock or horror. Just business. Normally that would have irritated me. But at that moment I felt reassured; safe, almost Robbie hurried toward my car. I started to follow him, but Bree took my arm.

My gaze met hers. Even at the scene of a fire, her glossy, shoulder-length hair looked perfect But the shock of what had happened showed in her dark eyes. This morning Bree and I had been enemies. But tonight I had called her, sent her a witch message with my mind, when I was facing my darkest hour. I had called out to her.

And she had heard me and had come to my aid. As we drove down the narrow, winding back driveway, she glanced anxiously in her rearview mirror. A smile tugged at her lips. All this witchcraft stuff really blows my mind. But then I figured, enough bizarre things have happened lately that I probably should take this seriously.

You saved me," I replied. Robbie was already there, leaning against the door of my car, Das Boot. Then, moments ago, Robbie had used Das Boot to ram through the wall of the pool house where I was trapped.

Now the hood was badly dented, too. He spoke briskly, but I felt like I was hearing him through a layer of heavy cloth. That way no one will question you. Robbie and I were members, along with four other people. He rubbed his chin thoughtfully. But please, ask them to keep it to themselves. No offense, Morgan. His voice was quiet, but there was a final tone in it. Robbie looked like he was about to argue, but then he simply handed Hunter my car keys.

Sky turned to Hunter. This was all moving too fast for me. She pushed a hand through her short, silver-blond hair. The thought that they were out there, who knew where, was terrifying. I had a sudden, irrational conviction that they were hiding Page Sweep book 5 Awakening.

I felt a burst of relief, followed by a wash of intense pain. Cal was gone. Hunter put one hand under my elbow and steered me over to my car. He opened the passenger door, and I slid in. The inside of the car was frigid and that, combined with the adrenaline still pumping through my body, made me shake so hard, my muscles started to ache.

Hunter cranked the engine, flipped on the one remaining headlight, then pulled out onto the quiet, tree-lined street. Usually Hunter and f were like sparks and gunpowder. That was just one of the things that made me intensely uneasy around him. But where Cal was dark, Hunter was fair, with sunlight-colored hair, clear green eyes, and sculpted cheekbones. He was beautiful, but in an entirely different way than Cal. Hunter was cool, like air or water.

Cal smoldered. He was earth and fire. Every thought led back to him. I stared out my window, trying to blink back tears and not succeeding. I wiped them away with the back of my hand. I thought it would be better if you washed up first, got the smell of smoke out of your hair and so forth, before you faced your parents. Sixteen years ago Maeve and my biological father, Angus Bramson, had burned to death. No one knew exactly how it had happened, but it seemed pretty clear that the fact that they were witches had had everything to do with it.

I pressed my hand against my mouth, trying desperately to make sense of the last few weeks. My birth parents had died when I was only a baby.

Tonight I had almost shared their fate. Hunter pressed the gas pedal, and Das Boot surged forward again. Now that the adrenaline of escaping the fire was leaking away, I felt exhausted, groggy. The car pulled to a stop. We were in a driveway beneath a canopy of trees. I followed Hunter into a living room where a fire burned in a small fireplace.

A worn sofa covered in dark blue velvet stood against one wall. One of its legs had broken off, and it listed at a drunken angle. There were two mismatched armchairs across from it, and a wide plank balanced on two wooden crates served as a coffee table. I glanced at a small clock on the mantel. It was nearly nine. I was more Page Sweep book 5 Awakening. He hesitated. He was right. Nervously I dialed my home number. My dad answered, and I heard the relief in his voice as I greeted him.

You sound hoarse. But Cal and I


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